Thursday, July 29, 2010

Going on an Adventure.

Hey its Noah here just wanted to let everyone know whats up. Last week my Uncle Frank came to see me and hang out for a couple days. I was totally off schedule but its all good.We went to see some big firetrucks in Baltimore. I wish I could have climbed on them.I had to wear my Ethiopian shirt and hat cuz its cool .We took Uncle Frankie out for EP(Ethiopian food). He liked it alot and I even ate some this time. I did pretty good scooping up tibs with my injera. After Uncle Frank left on Saturday we went over to my buddy Jake's house for dinner. It was to hot to play in his super cool playhouse so we'll do that again in cooler weather but we had a pool party .

Tomorrow Mommy and I are going on an airplane to TN. Check out my cool new backpack for the trip. I'm stylin right? I'm very excited because mom says we get to see alot of my buddies from Hannah's Hope. That's where I lived in Ethiopia for 4 months while I waited for momma & daddy to come and get me. We will stay in TN for a couple days and then head to Texas to my buddie Finny's house . I hear he has a pool so I can't wait to hang out with him. I"m gonna miss Dad and I"m sure momma will to but it will be fun to hang with all our AGCI family.
Oh and i'm sure there will be lots of pictures when we get back August 13th.

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