Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A new bath towel

So the old hooded towel is to small for Noah and I have been wanting to see some new ones because I just think they are to stinkin cute. I found this one at target and had to bring it home. Most adorable Ethiopian sea creature ever.

Just seconds before he dropped the towel..

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Home at Last.

On Friday April 24Th 2009 We arrive back in the United States as a family of 3. Dulles was our home airport so we arrive around 8:30 am. We didn't have a huge greeting committee with cameras and video cameras and all the fanfare that alot of families seem to have. Here is what we did have. Two very anxious, excited grandparents watching the screen and groaning at every change in our flight arrival time. They made friends with people in the waiting area and told them all about the new edition to the family that they couldn't wait to meet. They held up a sign that said welcome home mom ,dad & Noah. Nope there aren't any pictures of us coming thru the doorway and them seeing him for the first time because in their excitement and our tiredness no cameras were out. But there were smiles and tears and a cold Pepsi waiting for me in the car because I didn't know that I would get Pepsi in Ethiopia. With that first sip I knew I was back in America and I missed Ethiopian Pepsi. Noah's first ride in the car seat on the way home from the airport. He did really well and continues to love riding in the car. What a blessing that is.
Our front porch when we returned home. Balloons and a sign that say welcome home.

Here is the sign lovingly made by my dad that my parents were holding at the airport.

Unloading luggage at home.

Noah meeting the dog. Ignore the dazed and confused looks on our faces. Jet lag will do this to you. Any of the pictures of us from the first week home are likely to prove it.
They that for the first month or so home that you should stay home and bond as a family but I wouldn't change a thing about our homecoming. My parents were here for the first week we were home and helped with everything from cooking meals to doing yard work. And yes they did briefly get to hold their new grandson and I don't think that in anyway hurt our bonding process. It was a blessing to have them here.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy 1st family Day

April 2009
April 2010
Happy 1st family day Noah Tamirat. Words cannot express how much we love you and how blessed we are to be your Momma & Daddy.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

An awesome day with my two favorite guys.

Yesterday we headed to the beach for the day. Its still to cold to swim but we walked the trail and found pine cones and sticks. We saw the wild horses and we played in the sand for hours. Here are just a couple of my favorite pictures from the day.A beautiful tiny footprint in the sand.My favorite guys.Precious little brown hand and foot covered in sand.He should be a model. Love this one.Oh so cute.Cheezin on the way home in his new LA LA (Elmo) sweatshirt.
Where was mommy in all this fun. Lounging on the blanket and taking pictures. It was a blast just watching Noah run around and have fun playing in the sand with daddy.
For those of you on Face book there are many more pictures over there.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I'll do it when I'm ready.

So many months ago I posted how Noah just sat down and started doing his ring stacker toy like he had always known how after many months of it being put away because all he did was throw the rings. Well yesterday he pulled another trick out of his hat. He has always enjoyed taking the shapes out of the end of the shape sorter and putting them back in the same way. Never showing an interest in putting them thru the correct holes. After nap time I watched in amazement as he sat for a half hour or more taking shapes out and putting them back in the holes they belong in. He's going to be one of those kids that do things on his own time when you don't think he knows how. I think we are seeing this with talking because i'm sure he can say more words then he lets on to.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Noah's 1st Easter (lots of pictures)

Noah had a great 1st Easter and we are so happy that this year we were able to stop and enjoy it with him since last year we were in that last minute dash to get things done before bringing him home. Although my boy had croup and ended up at the doctors the day before Easter we still had some fun.
We colored eggs. Daddy what are we going to do with all this stuff??
Oh I see.

I'm so cheeky.

Pretty egg.
We put stickers on eggs.

A pretty pink egg for momma.

We hunted for Easter eggs.
I got my basket where's the eggs?
Look mom I found one.
Easter presents.

A new grill .
A basket and lots of other goodies.
In the afternoon we took Noah to the park near the airport to walk, watch airplanes land and play on the playground and then we came home to dinner of stuffed peppers. Nope not your traditional Easter dinner but we aren't your traditional family .