Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween.

Yesterday we took Noah to the trick or treat event at our local mall. We got there to late for most of the festivites due to nap time but Noah did get to play the duck pond game ( I was so worried he was gonna flop down in the baby pool and I would have had a soaking wet otter). And of course we got to do some trick or treating. Outside for the games and to get our treat bags.
Having crackers before we get started.

The most Adorable sea otter baby.

Dumping out the goodie bags at home. Two bags one from the regular trick or treating and one from the mall kids club.

Some cool new pumpkin shades.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A record of growth thru pumpkin patch pictures.

Ok so it was requested that I show some pictures of this year and last year to show how much Noah has grown and because I don't want to let down my fans. (Kim this is for you). I have posted pictures of Noah last year and then this year in the same or close to the same spot.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

2nd Annual Albright Family pumpkin patch trip.

Last Saturday we made our trip the pumpkin patch. We went back to the same place we took Noah last year and again he had a great time. After spending 2 hours Noah was getting cranky so it was time to leave and get a nap but I'm sure once he is past napping age we will be spending many more hours there. Here are a few pictures..there are more on Face book for those of you that follow us there. The corn cave a favorite from last year.

A couple of the pirate ship. He was to small for this last year.

The gravel pit(new this year). A little boys dream he would have spent all day here.

The red tractor. We have a picture of him on the same one last year.

Duck race game (new this year). Anything that involves playing in water is fun.

Big barrel slides I think these were new this year to..Noah loved them.

Riding the pedal cars. You have to be 8 yrs old to ride by yourself but Noah really wanted to go on them so Daddy drove. I love how daddy is worn out and Noah is all relaxed with his drink.

In the pumpkin patch finding the perfect pumpkins.

Hay ride back to the barn. We have our pumpkins its time to go home.