Saturday, September 26, 2009

15 months old ,5 months home

Noah is 15 months old today. He has been home 5 months as of Thursday. So many changes for us and him and in such a short time but we are all doing amazingly well. Noah is now sleeping 10-10 1/2 hours a night and is down to 1 nap a day anywhere from 1-2 hours long. We have said goodbye to bottles and baby food. We are also in the process of getting tooth #12 times. Our boy is teaching us just as much as we are teaching him and everyday is just a new adventure as we journey from infant to toddlerhood. He brings more joy to our home and family then we ever thought possible.

*still no camara but hopefully soon we will be able to get one and have more new pictures of our handsome little man*

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sleep is a beautiful thing and say goodbye to babas.

Since I don't have a camara right now there won't be any new pictures to post but I wanted to let everyone know whats new in our world. SLEEP. Yes thats right I said sleep. We are all getting more of it in the past week and its making us all happier people . How are we getting more sleep ? We have introduced noah to the sleep sense program. Instead of us rocking him to sleep at night with a bottle and then putting him in his crib he now goes in his crib and falls asleep in there with us in the room. We have been doing this program for 6 nights now gradually moving our chair further from his crib and he's doing awesome. Last night he slept for 10 hours straight which trust me is a beautiful thing.
He is also got tooth #10 half way in and we think #11 might not be far behind..yeah fun times. And huge news that would make his ped very happy we said goodbye to the babas. When we started the sleep program we realized that the only time he got a bottle was at nap or bed time and if he couldnt fall asleep with one then we might as well just say goodbye to them forever so for a week now we haven't had one and I think he's ok with that now. Its on to straight sippy cups and straw cups and time to pack up the bottles and send them to some babies in need. Perhaps they will find their way to Ethiopia to hannah's hope.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September already?

So I look at the calender and its already Sept 1st, where did this summer go? The 4 months since we have been home from Ethiopia have flown by and I certainly didn't sleep them away. My baby is no more, Noah Tamirat is very much a toddler,a little boy, when and how did that happen? I touched on this briefly in my last post but when our company was here a couple weeks ago we took everyone out for Ethiopian food on Saturday. It was Sean's parents and grampy, my parents and niece and nephew and then Sean and I with Noah. Other then Sean, Noah and I none of them had any experience with Ethiopian food other then seeing pictures and here us talk about it. Most of them aren't very adventurous eaters and a couple are borderline picky eaters. I"m happy to say that everyone enjoyed their dinner and I'm so proud of my niece and nephew for going out of their comfort zone and giving it a try. Here are a few pictures.Mimi, Papap,Grandpa, Derek,Brandi, Mommom, Noah and Grampy.Grandpa, Grandma, Derek , Brandi, Mommom, Noah and GrampyNoah enjoying some lamb perhaps?

Enjoying Injera.

Noah ate everything he was given including spicy stuff and seemed to enjoy it all. I'm sure we will be going for Ethiopian food more often and hopefully we will be able to meet up with the local adoption group that gets togeather here every other month.