Monday, March 30, 2009

This is it.

Well we are there..tomorrow in Ethiopia (tonight while we sleep) a judge will be decide if T is to be an Albright and come home soon or if we will wait some more. There is nothing for us to do now but pray. T is 9 months old so naturally we want him home as soon as possible to start the process of being a family. We don't want to miss any more of his life then we already have.
This weekend was a busy one. Lots of shopping for items we will need for us and baby for travel and plenty of closet cleaning and organizing. There is a big pile of stuff to drop off at goodwill and an equally large pile for the garbage man. It's amazing what you can part with when your making room for baby. There are still plenty of things on the to do list but this weekends chores were a huge time consuming part of what needed doing.
Please remember us and the 4 other agci families that have court tomorrow. Please also pray for the 2 famlies that had court last week and are waiting on news. We would love if everyone passed and we could all travel togeather to bring home our children. Our case manager Christy is currently in Ethiopia and we hope she is spending lots of time with our children and will return home with pictures.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Baby boy is so loved.

So Monday night I hardly slept, I felt horrible and was obviously comeing down with something. I got out of bed Tuesday feeling pretty miserable that My body was choosing this point in time to get sick when I feel that I have so many things to get done with our court date looming.
In the afternoon I was curled up on the couch when I heard a knock on the door and then someone going down the steps..I opened the door to find a box so of course I ran inside to open it. I may have commited some kind of mail crime by opening mail not addressed to me because it said Noah on the package by hey whats a mom to do. Here is what i found Inside.
Cute little washclothes, socks and bibs..

Adorable cars,monkey teether rattle, policeman temperature duck, elephant photo album and what momma and daddy love the elephant massager that can do hot or cold massages.

Some more stylin new clothes. If you recognize the outfit in the middle It's because i have posted before Dawny P got us the same one...So who you ask is this stalker that sent us wonderful stuff..Its Nell Ann& Justin. It's clear my agci girls have similar taste. Since the two mom onesies are the same size I will try and return one for either a different size or something that says I love dad...they have to make such a thing right daddy is starting to get jealous.
Nell Ann &Justin thanks for the great gifts for us and Noah T.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

9 Months old.

Baby T is 9 months old today. We pray that we have him home by the time he's 10 months old. Today i'm going to make a list of 9 things we can't wait to do or experience with our boy.

1. We can't wait to take you to your first baseball game. Your coming home at the perfect time of the year and will most likely experience 3 different levels of professional baseball this year. A,AA and the big leagues.
2. I can't wait to take you to the zoo. We have two very good ones not far away and I hope you get to experience both this summer. Will you love animals like we do? Which will be your favorite? I really hope its not the kind that Momma can't even look at but if it is Daddy will take you to that exhibit.
3. Holidays. The simple quiet ones at home with mommy & daddy that will be a little more special now that we are a family. And the big loud crazy ones with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Thanksgiving & Christmas.
4. Your first Birthday -you won't have been home long so we will probable keep it low key but I promise we will do something and hopefully you won't be overwhelmed.
5. We can't wait to just hold you and learn who you are.
6. I can't wait to introduce you to all of your family. Your grandparents, Aunts , Uncles and cousins can't wait to meet you.
7. Friends & others. So many people outside of our immediate family can't wait to meet the handsome little man that we are falling in love with in pictures.
8. Being parents..You are our first child and we can't wait to experience all that comes with being a mom and a dad.
9. Teaching you all kinds of new things. We love sports around here and we hope you become a sports junkie like us..We are more watchers but we hope you'll also play some growing up. How awesome will it be to watch you on the field of whatever sport you choose (or the rink if you want to play hockey). Just please baby boy spare momma and don't grow up listening to sports talk radio in the car I can handle almost anything but that.

Less then a week away from court..Please keep us in prayers that we make it thru the first time and can travel soon. For those AGCI families with court tomorrow (tonight our time) we are praying for you as well. Oh and please pray for me to recover from what ever illness I woke up with yesterday. Healthly all winter and now I get sick? Obviously I have no time for this.

Coming soon another package arrived on my doorstep yesterday. What did it contain and which AGCI family is stalking me now??

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

One week away from Court & other important stuff.

Ok so we are one week away from court and I have a long list in my head of things I still need to do. Maybe I should put the list on paper where its harder to ignore. I'm learning alot about myself in this process because I truly never realized what a procrastinator i was. I mean I know I put off things that aren't fun but this is good stuff right. Packing for our trip to bring home our baby i should be all over that. Maybe a tiny part of me is still guarding my heart. What if we don't pass and i have those suitcases sitting there all packed and we don't get to go yet? So yeah it seems that i'm probable gonna be a crazy woman trying to run and get everything done once we know travel dates. One thing I can't put off any longer. People have asked about donations for Hannah's Hope. How to donate and what kinds of things are needed. To answer the first question Donations should be sent directly to me either items or monatary donations for me to buy items and then we will take them with us when we travel . So yeah i should have already done this because we might not have alot of time left. As for items that are needed I will post the list. If you would like to help out in any way let me know and I can give you my address if you need it.
The staff and children at Hannah's hope will be greatful for anything you choose to send.

Items needed the most are:
- diapers (all sizes)
- wipes
- 4 oz avent bottles- lids and nipples
- bouncy seats

Other items needed:
- bibs
- hand sanitizer
- kleenex boxes
- infant & children's vitamins
- formula
- diaper rash cream
- baby shampoos & baby oil
- blow up balls/outside toys
- sidewalk chalk
- bubbles
- children's dvds & cds
- men & women's deodorant
-good quality electric shaver

-scrubs (for the special mothers who take care of the children)
-baby clothing
-infant - 8 mos
-light jackets or sweaters for all ages
-boys clothing for ages 6-10 yrs old
-girls clothing for ages 6-13 yrs old
-underwear for all ages
-shoes for all ages - crocs are great

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dawny P. are you stalking me?

Ok so on Tuesday I was busy with preparing dinner and doing laundry and all those good wifely duties and obviously didn't hear the mail man/lady come to our door. When Sean got home he brought in a box and said I think your friend Dawn sent you some thing. It didnt take me long to tear into the package and this is what i found.
A cute box that will be a perfect memory box to save special items. A book ,card,blanket and teething toy.
A cute onesie and bib.
Yes my dear boy your mom does rock..haha.
A very cool africa bag and bib made by Dawn.
Now if your questioning the title of my post I never gave Dawn my address and she won't fess up to how she got it other then to say AGCI mommies are sneaky (umm yeah I knew that part). So stalk away Dawny I kinda like it. I think I need to put an I love daddy something or other on my shopping list he might be jealous now.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Big Room Reveal.

So here is the post you have all been waiting for. The big room reveal. It is finished and we are more then ready for our boy to come home. The picture on his desk is blurred out because it is of him and his birthmom.

The view from the doorway .

another view from the doorway
Closet doors and the door to his room .Top of his bookshelf/toy cubby.The bat that hangs over his crib.Baby Tad waiting in the crib.A moose identical to the one we sent him and a pillow similar to the one he has in Ethiopia.Curtain rod and tiebacks.The wall above his desk.

We hope he loves his new room.

Monday, March 16, 2009

AGCI Families are the best.

Last week we noticed someone had purchased the stroller off our gift registry. I called my mom since she had talked about getting it for us and was surprised to hear her say that she hadn't ordered it . We waited a couple days and UPS dropped it on our door step. I tore into the packing slip to see who had sent it and immediatly tears came to my eyes. This Lovely amazing gift was sent to us by another AGCI family. I would love to tell everyone their name but until they tell me that it is ok to do that I will just leave it a ?. We seriously can not thank this family enough and our baby will certainly be riding in style.
Another agci family just came home from picking up their son in Ethiopia and had this to report about our Baby T.
I saw him! I was unable to take pictures of the little ones because I was adopting a toddler and the special mothers were watching me like a hawk. They are very protective of the little ones and I can assure you that the children are being loved, well cared for and are safe. He is so very adorable, he was eating the first time I saw him and then the next day he was laying in the sun and he smiled at me! Oh how that melts a heart when a little one smiles. God Bless you and I hope this waiting time for you goes by super fast!
Adopting thru this agency is truly a blessing. It is like a huge extension to your family.
Today I want to keep in our prayers Abby Riggs who is having surgery and Maria who has her court date in Ethiopia tuesday(tonight for us).

Friday, March 6, 2009

Our baby shower.

Here's a slideshow of the pictures from the baby shower that was given by sean's coworkers.