Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Big Room Reveal.

So here is the post you have all been waiting for. The big room reveal. It is finished and we are more then ready for our boy to come home. The picture on his desk is blurred out because it is of him and his birthmom.

The view from the doorway .

another view from the doorway
Closet doors and the door to his room .Top of his bookshelf/toy cubby.The bat that hangs over his crib.Baby Tad waiting in the crib.A moose identical to the one we sent him and a pillow similar to the one he has in Ethiopia.Curtain rod and tiebacks.The wall above his desk.

We hope he loves his new room.


Jean Harris said...

Renee!! That room is beautiful! Thank you for allowing us at WI to share in your journey!!


Dawn said...

Wow - look at all that stuff!!
You guys did a GREAT job Renee!!
Noah will LOVE it!!!

Troy said...


Now, I just gotta figure out how to get some Cubs stuff in there :)

nell ann said...

Awesome! I think it is so fun! I just know Noah will love coming home to that. Yay!

Megan said...

what a cute room!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful room!!
Bravo!! He is going to love
it when he sees it!!

Well done dear!!

love Wild

Troy said...

1) What a cool job

2) The only American League game I've gone to in the past 15 years was when I lived in Chicago and wanted to see Ripken ... so on his farewell tour, I went to Comiskey (or whatever the name was) so I could see him.

3) Yeah, I have a feeling it won't be 'allowed' in his room but I'm sure there will be some outfits. My first nephew's outfit that I got him was, of course, a Cubs onesie :)

Anonymous said...

The room looks terrific! You did a magnificent job! I love the decals on the walls. 2 thumbs up!

Auntie CC

Amber said...

Looks great! I love the bedding:)

Jake said...

I love it!! You guys did SUCH AN AWESOME job!

Brian and Autumn said...

He'll definitely love it. Great job!

Troy said...

OK, so you're blue storage unit/cubby-hole thing ... we've been looking for a book shelf for his books, etc and Amber saw that and likes your guy ... I'm trying to decide between building or buying ... buying is quicker :)

Was that a purchased item or did you already have that? If purchased, is it privy information or you willing to share where you got it? :)

Stace said...

WOW! What a GREAT room! Any fella would LOVE IT! Doesn't that moose belong on YOUR bed?? So glad you gave it up! :) Hey Dawn, I need her address for some OSU stuff!

Anonymous said...

What a great room! Hope everything goes well.