Thursday, September 23, 2010

Man they grow to fast.

Are you ready for some football? This picture was taken just after he kicked the football.

These pictures kill me because my "baby" looks so much older the 2. I think I need to keep the longer hair it makes him look younger.
*UPDATE* For those wondering how switching to the big boy bed was going I have one word *AMAZING*. Noah gets in bed and we cover him up and he goes to sleep without a problem and has since the first bed time. He has a shelf next to his bed now that we put some books on and when I wake up in the morning and go in to get him he's just sitting in bed reading books. I hardly ever wake up to crying, screaming or the sound of 'momma" over the monitor. He loves his "cars" bed. On the potty training I decided not to push it to much yet since we are traveling in November for thanksgiving we will let Noah go on his own time schedule until Dec and then we will step it up with the big boy undies . He is starting now to tell us when he has to go. Sometimes he makes it sometimes I think he's telling me as he's going or just after he's done but its a small step in the right direction.

Monday, September 6, 2010

September-A month of Change

September rolls around again. Weather is changing and fall is in the air. When did this little guy
Who slept here

And here

Turn into this big boy

that napped here

And will now sleep here.

Last September we started sleeping thru the night in the crib and got rid of bottles..this september we ditched the crib and we are going to start working a little harder at losing those diapers.