Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What to do while we wait?

So we get a new # at the beginning of each month and for a week or so (ok sometimes a couple days) we are very content and happy being our new #. And then something goes crazy and we can't wait for the next month to be here so we can get another new # and we are stalking blogs and the list serve to see who got referrals and we are guessing at new unoffical #'s ,we move forward we move backwards until something just snaps in our head and we can't take anymore and we must step away from the computer. Yes this is where I was at yesterday I stepped away I read the bible verse at the top of autumns blog and wrote it down in my journal..I listened to some christian music and just gave myself a time out. And I told myself to read this verse every day but not just read it to belive it and live it.

"But these things I plan won't happen right away. Slowly, steadily, surely, the time approaches when the vision will be fulfilled. If it seems slow be patient. For it will surely take place. It will not be late by a single day." Habakkuk 2:3

And with that lets get to some fun stuff...more goodies for babies room.

A hand carved mask from Kenya..found at the goodwill store. Hope this isnt scary for the little man.
I found these giraffes at the goodwill store and had to bring them home. Autumn I realized they look just like the ones in your little mans nursery I'm not trying to copy you I promise.
Photo Album and baby bath stuff from Big Lots..oh the funny conversation that took place with one clueless cashier over this album..Can't wait to change the name on the bottom (to either our last name,babies ethiopian name or babies name from us Noah) and see his adorable face smiling out at me. I'm sure it wont take long to fill this with pictures.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Ok so I got tagged by Autumn(sorry don't know how to link to your blog) and I was considering not doing this...but then I got tagged again by Dawn or Jody I dont remember which so i'm thinkin a tag is kinda like a dare right ...a second tag is like a double dare and we all know ya can't ignore the double dare so I shall post 7 weird/random things about me. Although i don't think i'm wierd or random at all (yeah right). Unfortunetly I don't have anyone else to tag because I think all you bloggers have done this but if you read this and you haven't been tagged then consider yourself tagged and get to it.

1. I have to have a pepsi every day..its my source of caffine since I don't drink coffee and if I don't have at least one a day migraine will come

2.I'm obsessed with greeting cards..seriously they are more important to me then the gift usually...not that i don't love getting gifts but cards are important. And I don't just love getting them I love giving them...I"ll spend hours in the card store to pick out one card because I have to read them all until i find the perfect message that my heart is trying to send

3.mascots-I have a fear of them. Now I work at a baseball stadium so I have had to get over some of that because our mascot will high five me and hug me several times a game and i'm cool with that now..(just don't wanna see who is in the suit)..but some still freak me out and i can't get near them...Like a certain beaver that if you have been to a baysox game you'll know what i'm talking about...for the rest of you maybe i'll post a pic of it sometime...seriously hes freakish

4. I'm always cold...if it's below 75 i'm probable freezing and bundled up and everyone else my husband included is probable still running around in shorts..

5. sometimes i like to just make noise...just random singing or yelling of nonsense...don't be scared i only do this in my house or in the car

6.I sleep with a stuffed animal...I really do along with my husband and my dog you will also find a large stuff winnie the pooh next to me in bed...yup it gets crowded at times haha..

7. Perhaps the weirdest and most Random thing about me ......My husband haha...he told me to post that. But he is pretty weird and bad he doesnt have a blog we can tag he would have way more then 7.

So there ya have it. Perhaps now I have scared everyone and noone will ever visit my blog again. Wait does anyone really come here anyway??

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New #'s for October.

What an exciting month it has been..for a few weeks now we have thought that we were around #14 but of course I was to afraid to post anything until I knew something official. So here it is we just got the email probable 15 minutes ago and i'm so excited I can hardly type. After two month and 3 weeks we have moved from 21 to 13...what an amazing ride. Congrats to all the families that have received referrals in the past month. Courts are officially reopened in Ethiopia as of Sept 29th so lets hope all those families(our agency alone has about 30) get thru court quickly and get their babies home.
In other news we registered at babies r us this past weekend. We had originally planned to wait until after we got a referral but we have decided that instead of gifts for our selves for christmas this year we would like gifts for our child. Besides we are flying up the list and we still have alot of do before baby comes.