Saturday, October 18, 2008


Ok so I got tagged by Autumn(sorry don't know how to link to your blog) and I was considering not doing this...but then I got tagged again by Dawn or Jody I dont remember which so i'm thinkin a tag is kinda like a dare right ...a second tag is like a double dare and we all know ya can't ignore the double dare so I shall post 7 weird/random things about me. Although i don't think i'm wierd or random at all (yeah right). Unfortunetly I don't have anyone else to tag because I think all you bloggers have done this but if you read this and you haven't been tagged then consider yourself tagged and get to it.

1. I have to have a pepsi every day..its my source of caffine since I don't drink coffee and if I don't have at least one a day migraine will come

2.I'm obsessed with greeting cards..seriously they are more important to me then the gift usually...not that i don't love getting gifts but cards are important. And I don't just love getting them I love giving them...I"ll spend hours in the card store to pick out one card because I have to read them all until i find the perfect message that my heart is trying to send

3.mascots-I have a fear of them. Now I work at a baseball stadium so I have had to get over some of that because our mascot will high five me and hug me several times a game and i'm cool with that now..(just don't wanna see who is in the suit)..but some still freak me out and i can't get near them...Like a certain beaver that if you have been to a baysox game you'll know what i'm talking about...for the rest of you maybe i'll post a pic of it sometime...seriously hes freakish

4. I'm always cold...if it's below 75 i'm probable freezing and bundled up and everyone else my husband included is probable still running around in shorts..

5. sometimes i like to just make noise...just random singing or yelling of nonsense...don't be scared i only do this in my house or in the car

6.I sleep with a stuffed animal...I really do along with my husband and my dog you will also find a large stuff winnie the pooh next to me in bed...yup it gets crowded at times haha..

7. Perhaps the weirdest and most Random thing about me ......My husband haha...he told me to post that. But he is pretty weird and bad he doesnt have a blog we can tag he would have way more then 7.

So there ya have it. Perhaps now I have scared everyone and noone will ever visit my blog again. Wait does anyone really come here anyway??


jody said...

that was just funny-these lists have just cracked me up! I have been tagged 2x too so i better get on it-i guess i will have to narrow my list down to 7.....heehee Our numbers are getting so low-aghhhhh!!!

Dawn said...

YES!! I'm REALLY hoping for one by Christmas!!

Three2Five said...

Sooo I have to tell you that I to sleep with a stuffed animal. Hehe...except mine is a big yellow duck!

Brian and Autumn said...

Can you believe all the movement?!? Good answers by the way :)

Meade family adoption said...

I love reading these little tidbidts of info about our fellow listservers, so fun!!!!