Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New #'s for October.

What an exciting month it has been..for a few weeks now we have thought that we were around #14 but of course I was to afraid to post anything until I knew something official. So here it is we just got the email probable 15 minutes ago and i'm so excited I can hardly type. After two month and 3 weeks we have moved from 21 to 13...what an amazing ride. Congrats to all the families that have received referrals in the past month. Courts are officially reopened in Ethiopia as of Sept 29th so lets hope all those families(our agency alone has about 30) get thru court quickly and get their babies home.
In other news we registered at babies r us this past weekend. We had originally planned to wait until after we got a referral but we have decided that instead of gifts for our selves for christmas this year we would like gifts for our child. Besides we are flying up the list and we still have alot of do before baby comes.


jody said...

we're just right ahead of you at #12 for boys and #16 (officially, of course-but really #13 I think) on the list-woohoo!

Brian and Autumn said...

You've been tagged :)