Monday, March 16, 2009

AGCI Families are the best.

Last week we noticed someone had purchased the stroller off our gift registry. I called my mom since she had talked about getting it for us and was surprised to hear her say that she hadn't ordered it . We waited a couple days and UPS dropped it on our door step. I tore into the packing slip to see who had sent it and immediatly tears came to my eyes. This Lovely amazing gift was sent to us by another AGCI family. I would love to tell everyone their name but until they tell me that it is ok to do that I will just leave it a ?. We seriously can not thank this family enough and our baby will certainly be riding in style.
Another agci family just came home from picking up their son in Ethiopia and had this to report about our Baby T.
I saw him! I was unable to take pictures of the little ones because I was adopting a toddler and the special mothers were watching me like a hawk. They are very protective of the little ones and I can assure you that the children are being loved, well cared for and are safe. He is so very adorable, he was eating the first time I saw him and then the next day he was laying in the sun and he smiled at me! Oh how that melts a heart when a little one smiles. God Bless you and I hope this waiting time for you goes by super fast!
Adopting thru this agency is truly a blessing. It is like a huge extension to your family.
Today I want to keep in our prayers Abby Riggs who is having surgery and Maria who has her court date in Ethiopia tuesday(tonight for us).


Maria and Family said...

Renee that is one cool stroller!! Lucky you :) Thanks for the prayers , I am on pins and needles here .. :)

Troy said...

How cool is that!? We do belong to a pretty awesome group of folks...

We got a similiar email regarding the family checking in on our boy as well ... sounds like we'll be doing alot of holding when we get home :)

jody said...

so great for you guys! i would LOVE to get an update but for now i think God is just teaching me a lot of patience :) He sure does like to teach me that, wonder when I will get it down pat so He can STOP!! haha!
hey guess what? court is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!!! woo hoo!