Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dawny P. are you stalking me?

Ok so on Tuesday I was busy with preparing dinner and doing laundry and all those good wifely duties and obviously didn't hear the mail man/lady come to our door. When Sean got home he brought in a box and said I think your friend Dawn sent you some thing. It didnt take me long to tear into the package and this is what i found.
A cute box that will be a perfect memory box to save special items. A book ,card,blanket and teething toy.
A cute onesie and bib.
Yes my dear boy your mom does rock..haha.
A very cool africa bag and bib made by Dawn.
Now if your questioning the title of my post I never gave Dawn my address and she won't fess up to how she got it other then to say AGCI mommies are sneaky (umm yeah I knew that part). So stalk away Dawny I kinda like it. I think I need to put an I love daddy something or other on my shopping list he might be jealous now.


Dawn said...

You betcha I'm stalkin you!!! :)

"Indescribable" said...

lucky you - the Beneficiary of Dawn's retail therapy!

Troy said...

First, your stuff's great...

Secondly, THANK YOU for letting me know about Christy's travels ... Julie's great by the way ... we actually had Christy call us for the referral call because Julie went home sick ... they both have the same demeanor...

so you'll get new pictures right in time for your travel :)

Put a good word in to Christy for us to take some good pics of A for us :)

Brian and Autumn said...

Hey I got your comment about the crib...I hope you are able to find out how that all works. Cute box by the way :)

Erin said...

Hi Renee,
The T I mentioned was T. Greer. Ashenafi's group was about 12 months and older. I saw very little of the babies, they were always separate from the bigger kids. I'm sorry, I know how much you want any little bit of info!!