Sunday, April 25, 2010

Home at Last.

On Friday April 24Th 2009 We arrive back in the United States as a family of 3. Dulles was our home airport so we arrive around 8:30 am. We didn't have a huge greeting committee with cameras and video cameras and all the fanfare that alot of families seem to have. Here is what we did have. Two very anxious, excited grandparents watching the screen and groaning at every change in our flight arrival time. They made friends with people in the waiting area and told them all about the new edition to the family that they couldn't wait to meet. They held up a sign that said welcome home mom ,dad & Noah. Nope there aren't any pictures of us coming thru the doorway and them seeing him for the first time because in their excitement and our tiredness no cameras were out. But there were smiles and tears and a cold Pepsi waiting for me in the car because I didn't know that I would get Pepsi in Ethiopia. With that first sip I knew I was back in America and I missed Ethiopian Pepsi. Noah's first ride in the car seat on the way home from the airport. He did really well and continues to love riding in the car. What a blessing that is.
Our front porch when we returned home. Balloons and a sign that say welcome home.

Here is the sign lovingly made by my dad that my parents were holding at the airport.

Unloading luggage at home.

Noah meeting the dog. Ignore the dazed and confused looks on our faces. Jet lag will do this to you. Any of the pictures of us from the first week home are likely to prove it.
They that for the first month or so home that you should stay home and bond as a family but I wouldn't change a thing about our homecoming. My parents were here for the first week we were home and helped with everything from cooking meals to doing yard work. And yes they did briefly get to hold their new grandson and I don't think that in anyway hurt our bonding process. It was a blessing to have them here.


The Hull's at #4 said...

Love this POST!! I love to read and see coming home stories. Your going to have to ask Noah if he will bring his Aunt Kimmie some red gingham cooking mitts, I love them (from the last post)!!! So glad your home Noah!

nell ann said...

This post is great!!! I can't believe it's been a year!!!! Yay for families!!!