Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back from our adventure.

Hey its me Noah Tamirat. Momma and I are back from our big adventure to Tennesee and Texas. I enjoyed seeing all my AGCI buddies but boy did I miss Daddy. I don't think I understood that he wasn't coming until he left us at the airport and I had a bit of a melt down (sorry momma). The airplane was good once we got in the air and mommy gave me toys. Here are some pictures of the fun. The AGCI picnic had lots of water fun.
And a big ball to play with. There was a playground and a bounce house to so maybe mom will post more pictures from the picnic another time. Some of the pictures in this post were taken by other families.
While we were in TN we stayed with my old hannah's hope roomate Silas and his family.

Here's me and my Buddy Si Si at a playground near his house.

This is Si and I with Olivia. She was at Hannah's Hope with us and her family stayed with Silas's for the weekend to. Mom where is my shirt I feel underdressed. Silas I miss you bud we need to hang out again sometime.
After spending a couple days in TN we took a very long roadtrip to Texas with another Hannah's Hope roomie Fin and his family.

This is me, Mekele and Fin on the porch at cracker barrel waiting to go eat.

Finny and I watching his brother Tucker play video games.

Nothing like a wagon ride with your buddie.

Finny and Asher. Asher lives in Texas and he came to visit us at Fin's house. We enjoyed our time in Texas with the exception of that earache I got the first day there and all that medicine mommy and Fin's mom kept making me take. I liked the pool and I miss Finny and Asher. I miss Fin's brothers and sister to.
We came home from Texas a few days earlier then planned. Mommy and I missed Daddy and I'm pretty sure he missed us to.

On the plane going home to dada.

Boom Boom came on the big trip with us.
It was great to be back home but we quickly followed it up with a roadtrip to Ohio. My pap pap had to have surgery but he's doing good now and we are back home. While we were there I got to meet my cousin Caylin (baby Cay) and see my Aunt Kera (Akey). Mimi, Aunt Tammy, Uncle Terry and cousins Angel and Stephanie were there to. I'm hoping we don't travel again soon. I like being home to sleep in my own bed and play with all my toys.

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