Thursday, August 26, 2010

2 months of being 2.

So today we are 2 months into age 2. I have to say the first month I didn't notice anything different. And then the traveling started. As most of you probable know Noah and I flew to TN at the end of July for the big AGCI picnic. After a couple days there we rode to Texas and spent a week with another agci family. We then boarded a plane home to Maryland and after spending two days at home we were back in the car for a road trip to Ohio for a couple days. All that has left me feeling like I never want to leave home overnight again because the behavior has gone off the charts.
I don't know if its the result of all the travel and being away from Daddy or if this is just a new phase we are going thru but its not pretty. A lot of hitting, pushing, screaming mostly directed at momma. If something isn't working the way Noah wants it to he seems to think its my fault. At times he thinks we should feed him his meals or else he doesn't eat there has also been food throwing. Noah Tamirat seems to do much better when he is on a routine. Not to say that we can't alter his day here and there because we can and we do but for the two weeks we were traveling his routine was completely blown up and that was not good. I will say that since we have been home he has been doing great sleeping in his crib all night and his naps are now consistently 2 hours. He still takes his nap from 11-1 so much earlier then others his age. So yes I'm thrilled that the sleep is happening because we all know how much I love my sleep but the behavior seriously needs adjusting. Honestly if I could choose I would go back to less sleep and better behavior.
So how am I dealing with outbursts. I would love to say that I'm patient and calm and that I never lose my temper but I'll keep it real. I'm doing my best to stay calm and patient because I think he responds better to this but there are days when I swear if he pushes one more button he won't make it to 3. I know that I need to work on being a better mom. I'm certainly not perfect and I try to do a little better today then I did yesterday. I know that someday we'll look back and think man the two's were easy can we have those days back. But until then we'll do our best to help little man deal with the growing pains of being two. His language skills are getting better and we continue to encourage him to "use his words" to let us know what he needs or what is wrong. Nobody said parenting was easy but with each hug, kiss ,snuggle and I love you we know that its totally worth it.

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nell ann said...

You're doing just fine as a momma! Since being home from Brownwood we've started using a time out chair. I thought if Noah and Finn could do it, so could Asher!