Sunday, July 18, 2010

Crazy adoption conversation.

Yesterday Sean and I both needed haircuts. This means that we have to go one at a time while the other person keeps Noah busy. I let Sean go first and I sat and gave Noah a lolly pop. While I'm waiting the other girls were discussing who gets the next customer and the girl with purple bangs and a bazillion piercings says oh I do..great. Now I'm sitting watching the door praying that someone comes in before Sean's haircut is done so that this girl doesn't cut my hair...because let me just say I'm paranoid about haircuts and if you hair looks crazy then I'm not sure i want you near mine. So yeah nobody comes in apparently God wants me to trust this girl with my hair because after you already said it doesn't matter who cuts it you can't nicely say anyone but the purple hair girl. So Sean is done I hand off Tamirat and go to sit down..I'm all settled in the seat and the conversation starts a little something like this.
Purple hair girl - Is that your son you were holding
me- yes
phg- oh he's adopted
me- yes
phg- I'm adopted to that's how i knew
Ummm what you knew he was adopted not because he's brown and his parents are white but because you are also adopted?? I'm sorry nobody told me my child had a sensor in him that could detect other adopted people.
OK so I didn't say that part i think i muttered "oh cool" or something like that because i was baffled.
We then go on and start talking about names. She asked his Ethiopian name and then asked what name we gave him so I told her Noah. Her response to this ...are you ready for it....OK here it goes she said " Was that because you had to travel to get him?
Again my jaw dropped and my mind was spinning. I have no idea what the name Noah has to do with going to Ethiopia to get our son and if anyone has a clue please explain it to me.. I"m pretty sure we took a plane not an ark. Finally the haircut was over and I thought OK let me get Noah we can pay and leave all insane comments are over. So I'm standing there holding Tamirat when she comes over and starts touching his head and then rubs his arm and announces to everyone what soft skin he has..meanwhile Noah is curling into me to get away and I'm ready to just smack this girl and then run for the door.