Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Noah at 2.

18 month checkup - 30.2lbs , 30 1/2 inches long
2 year old checkup- 31.2lbs. 34 1/2 inches long
At 2 years old it is becoming clear to me that not only is Noah Tamirat not a baby but he's also not my chunky toddler. He starting to look long and lean like he did in the very first pictures we saw of him. Right now he is very much the typical 2 year old. All those things we started doing at 16-17 months old so that they would become habit such as cleaning up toys, and putting clothes in the hamper are now becoming a battle to the point that sometimes he loses a toy for the next day because he wouldn't clean up at night. Noah has gone to bed without dinner because he chose not to sit properly at the table and eat nicely. He's testing and pushing, learning and growing. As much as it drives me nuts on some days I embrace this stage of his life. And in ways I envy him because who among us doesn't some times wish we could just throw a fit because we can't do what we want or because things aren't working the way we wish they would. We all have the skills to better cope with things so we don't throw those tantrums and some day Noah T will have those skills to. As parents we just need to help him learn a better way. No "terrible" two's here. Its just another stage of life that will go by all to fast and we will wonder when he stopped being two.
Noah's language skills are really starting to develop and if you compare him to kids that are his age he might be behind but if you set his age back 10 months then I'm sure he would be right on track.
We love you beautiful Noah Tamirat and can't wait to explore the rest of the two's with you.

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Are These Kids All Yours? said...

That is an amazing outlook! Wish more parents felt that way.