Monday, July 12, 2010

4th of July

On the 4Th of July we decided to take Noah Tamirat to Busch Gardens to meet Elmo and as a special treat to have dinner with Elmo and his friends. Here are some highlight pictures of the day.The entrance to Sesame Street. Noah's first "big ride". He's been on a carousel before but this was his first amusement park trip.Second big ride.Water fun.And of course one of the highlights..meeting "la la". Noah actually said Elmo for the 1st time and switched back and forth between that and la la all day depending on his excitement level.
Dinner with Elmo & Friends was a HUGE hit. We don't have as many pictures of the day as we may have liked but it was fun to see it all without a camara blocking things. The joy and wonder in his eyes is something i'll never forget. It was a very long day (left the house at 6am got home at 2am) and we were so proud of our boy all day for handling the heat, waiting in line, disrupted sleep and nap etc etc. Noah really was a champ and did far better then we expected. A great day of family fun for his first amusement park visit.

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JonesEthiopia said...

What great pictures... He is sooooo cute!