Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ethiopia day 4. Shopping

Ok what a wild night it was last night. Our first night with Noah Tamirat. We decided that for a couple different reasons the moses basket in the room wasnt going to work for him and he would have to sleep in bed with us. Well he's congested and would only let us get saline drops in one side of his nose(ok we could have pressed the issue but it was our first night with him and I didn't want him to feel tortured). He slept like a wild man all over the place. At one point he was sitting up and even crawling across the bed sound asleep.
Today is our shopping day. I'm excited about buying gifts for Noah Tamirat from him country but not happy about leaving him at Hannah's Hope for the day. I knew he would receive excellent care but how would he be when we picked him up? Would he be happy to be left there?
We walked over to Hannah's Hope and of course the special mothers were happy to get their hands back on these kids...they love them all so much. Almaz told me to just sit Noah down on a blanket and he started to crawl towards me and cry when I did. Broke my heart and I almost gave up the shopping trip to stay with him.
Have I told you how hot it is in Ethiopia..Seriously so much hotter then I thought it was going to be. So off we go to shop.Here is our travel group with Johannes at the art gallery/italian restaurant where we ate lunch after shopping. At this point I think alot of us just wanted to get back to Hannah's Hope and get our babies. I know I was completly exhausted and it was still early afternoon. The food was good and we did buy a small painting that maybe i'll post a picture of someday.
When we got back to Hannah's Hope we found Noah Tamirat already bathed and in jammies upstairs in a rocker.

How cute is he in his jammies back at the hotel with the new hat and drum that mommy& daddy bought him?

Hanging out with daddy before bed. They spent alot of time sitting in front of these huge windows just watching life go by. I think this is the night we all fell asleep around 5pm We woke up about an hour later and were able to get saline drops in his nose so he slept much better tonight.

*coming up day 5. Birthmom meeting, final paperwork meeting with almaz, saying goodbye to nighttime special mothers and cultural dinner.*


Erin said...

The big boy at the hotel with you, can you please help me get in touch with his family? I miss that kid! Do you have the e-mail addresses for your travel group?


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Brings back memories. He is sooo handsome! Did I mention he is cute too!! Love the pics!! I remember being at that restaurant and thinking- real american food!! YEAH!!! It was hard leaving our little one, because he was 1 1/2 so when we came back- he didn't want to go with us again. Makes for a fun time...but a few minutes out of HH walls, and he was fine.