Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ethiopia day 3 part 2

So this is the walk we took after meeting you. This is the path from Hannah's Hope to the union hotel.

The gate to our hotel.The Union. We were on the 3rd floor room 305. Thats alot of stairs mommy and daddy climbed.Soon it was time to go back and get you for our embassy appointment from this time on you would be with us always. The walk back to Hannah's Hope is a bit of a blur. I was wondering how you would react to us now. The special mothers brought you out to us and you were a little fussy but Almaz said you needed a bottle and they would bring you one out. You were bottle #30. I took you over into the shade and Daddy got your bottle because I thought it best that you not see your special mommies again right away. The ride to the embassy appointment was an adventure for me. In america we can't just ride with babies on our laps and the driving in Ethiopia is a little scary. I held onto you for dear life. You were busy staring out the window at everything going on. Showing us your curious nature. The embassy appointment went smoothly and quickly and soon we were back at the hotel. We had the rest of the afternoon and evening to just hang out and get to know you.

Daddy gives you a baba..your world revolves around the baba.Kisses from Daddy. You seem to really love Daddy. He can make you smile and giggle.You enjoyed just being in a diaper and playing with toys. We enjoyed just watching you play amazed at how beautiful you are. After you fell asleep we went downstairs to eat some dinner. Mommy ate her first meal with a sleeping baby in her arms. We got to visit a little bit with some of our travel group which was fun because up to this point we hadn't had alot of time to get to know them.


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Love the pics bring back memories!!!! He is sooo precious!

nell ann said...

So precious! I love baby in just a diaper. More pictures, please. : )

Maria and Family said...

LOVE LOVE the smiling baby picture ! he is so beautiful!! Did you get my email? :)