Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ethiopia day 3. Meeting Noah Tamirat.

Taken from my travel journal written as notes to Noah Tamirat.
"We woke up this morning and couldn't wait for it to be time to meet you. From one of the windows in the hotel we could see the back side of Hannah's Hope so we knew it was just a short walk away. A view from the back window of our hotel. Hannah's Hope is on the right hand side sort of towards the top just above the tree line.
Almaz came around 9am to do some paperwork and go over the plans for the week. Our travel group doing paperwork.Sean completing our paperwork.

Finally it was time to take the walk to Hannah's Hope. I can't even describe how I felt in the moment. I just kept reminding myself to take deep breaths. I wanted to hold it togeather and not be a crying wreck when I met you. I think our whole travel group was full of nervous excitement. It was a very short walk and then we were here. We thought we would be the 3rd family in line since you were one of the oldest in our travel group. We watched two other families meet their children. One with two older boys (that are very fond of you). And one toddler. Those meetings were very emotional and those of us waiting for babies were already starting to tear up. Finally Almaz called us over to you.

This is our first glimpse of you. Ok actually our second because when we walked thru the gate my eyes were drawn to where all the babies were laying in the sun. I was searching for you but all I saw was curls sticking up above a rocker. Surprise it was you. Mommy and Daddy have waited so long for this moment and you are sound asleep. My heart overflowed with love for you and I just wanted to scoop you up and hold you.
Almaz said it was best not to wake you because you might fuss so we took our first family photo. Mommy sat next to you and touched you and whispered to you that we were here and we love you and please wake up.

One of your special mothers tried to help you along in the waking up process. They all loved you very much. After about 15-20 minutes you finally woke up and we are the first faces you saw. I asked you special mommy if I could pick you up and she nodded so I nervously unbuckled you and picked you up. What a shock to my arms at your heaviness. You were very serious just taking us in. This is a very common look for you. We told you over and over that we are your mommy & daddy and that we love you and were going to take you home. You never fussed until your special mommies started to call & sing to you and then you turned to them and started to cry. Daddy held you for a short time but all to soon it was time to leave you and go back to the hotel to prepare for our embassy appointment.
* Day three part 2 coming soon*


Dawn said...

I just read your post from yesterday. Sorry to hear that you're struggling! Praying for you guys.

P.S. Noah is TOO cute!!

Kelly said...

What a cute story with him sleeping through your introductions! I bet that was really frustrating for you, too, because all you wanted to do was hold him and interact with him. He is a beautiful boy.

Maria and Family said...

He is just beautiful :) which boys went home? those older boys were the sweetest bunch! They were soooooo good with the babies. i have a picture to send you , i keep forgetting. sorry :)