Wednesday, May 27, 2009

11 months old.

Ok so I haven't forgotten that I need to finish my trip report I hope to get to that real soon. I also didn't forget that yesterday was the little prince's 11 month birthday. I had planned to do a blog post last night in honor of him but we had some throwing up issues at bedtime and he spent time sleeping on mommy and on the couch so I never got to it.

In the last two nights we have seem some improvement with sleep so we are hopeful that we are getting ready to turn that corner and get back to where we were the first couple weeks with him. He is slowly starting to stand and walk more but does still prefer the crawl. I have also noticed he is starting to turn the pages of books better and is getting the idea of how to play with certain toys other then just banging and throwing them so we are making some progress.
On Monday he had his first trip to the zoo and managed to see some animals before falling asleep. Being a mom is the bestest job in the world even when i'm completly exhausted I love this little guy more then anything in the world.


Brian and Autumn said...

Oh my goodness that shirt makes him look like a toddler! I hope the sleep gets better for you soon. Elias just recently started sleeping through the night (a couple weeks ago) so it basically took us 3 months to adjust from the HH schedule of waking up all the really makes a big difference so I will pray that happens for you soon!

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

I agree being a mommy is the bestest!!!! Who couldn't just love your little man....what a cutie. I pray you are turning that corner too.

Maria and Family said...

I swear tatiana still wakes up every morning at 6 am and I have to work to get her back to sleep until atleast 7:3o or 8 :) I do not want to be up at 6am!! And she wakes about 3 times a night too for a binky or a bottle..but lucky for me goes back to sleep happily. ahhhh..this too will pass :) when they finally sleep thru it is nice . Noah is just beautiful. :)

Kristi J said...

oh, he's so cute, kj