Monday, January 19, 2009

So what's next?

Our agency received our offical acceptance paperwork today. Tomorrow our paperwork should be submitted in Ethiopia for a court date. We should know in 2-4 weeks when our first and hopefully only court date will be. Please pray that we get a quick date.
This weekend I was finally able to buy some clothes for our baby and I hit those clearance racks at Carters so much fun. We are also putting togeather his "baggie of love" this is the one gallon zip lock bag of presents that we are allowed to send to our baby. At this point i'm hoping to stuff in two outfits, a photo album, a lovey blanket and a little stuffed moose. I'll let you know how that goes and take a picture before we ship it off.
For now we wait on that all important court date.


jody said...

i will send you the email they sent me about what to put in the bag, but they mentioned to not put in clothes to keep the weight down, the clothes will probably not be able to stay with your little one (communal laundry) and also they have no need for extra clothing at this time for the infants. so my pile of things to put in the bag is pretty small-boo. but i am going to spoil the stew out of ehr when she gets home so it's all good :) glad you got all that stuff in-isn't it nice to have it GONE????

nell ann said...

That is so very exciting! I can't wait to make our own baggie o love! But I guess we need a referral first. Sometime soon I'm guessing!

Let's see some pics of new baby clothes!

Dawn said...

YAY! Glad you got all your stuff in! I see Jody will send you the email with the bag o love details. That's something for us to do while we're in the next "waiting" phase. Oh I'm sure you are right there with Jody, Sarah and I. :)