Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Our crazy wonderful day and a beautiful baby boy.

Ok so I promised I would give more information on how everything went down. So this is what happened. Since last night we knew that we were #1 and the call could very well come today. I hardly slept last night but in the little sleep I got I dreamed that our son's name started with a T. (remember this for later). As the name we have chosen for him is Noah I didnt know what the dream really meant. The day was dragging and at about 3pm I was extremly anxious. The phone finally rang and I took a long deep breath before answering. I knew it was christy because the name comes up on my screen. The way she started the conversation asking about our christmas and everything i was thinking ok this is not the call she's going to give us a #...and the call made a turn something like this.
me-yeah so we got alot of neat stuff for the baby so that was cool
c-great well that will come in real handy because i have a referral for you
me-shaking about in tears...omg are you serious a referral
me-omg but sean isnt home (mutters something else)
c-is he available by cell we can conference him in
me- ummm uhhhhhh can i call and see if he can come home and then we can call ya back
c- giggles (yes i swear i heard a giggle) sure that would be fine

So i think i said goodbye i dont know my hands were shaking i had tears in my eyes i was fighting to breath..i fumbled to find seans # on my cell and get him to come home. And then i proceeded to call people and email people while i waited because i had no clue what else i should do. When Sean got home we called back and Christy called his cell to conference him in (our phones don't have speaker phone). We heard all the information about our sweet little boy and then ran to the computer as Christy hung up to see the first picture of our little boy. Now during the call when christy was telling us our babies information she was spelling his name. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post it but it starts with T. In those few moments of sleep that I was able to get God sent me a sign. T is a little older then we had hoped at 6 months but one look at his picture and i'm totally smitten. He has those huge brown eyes and tiny little toes that I just wanna nibble . He's small for his age but I have no doubt that Almaz and the special mothers will fatten him up in good time. He came to Hannah's Hope on dec 23rd so he's a newbie.
After seeing his picture and reading thru all the information in the email (because everything she tells you on the phone will be a blur) we had a bazillion phone calls to make and emails to send. We only have one picture of our boy but should be getting more soon. There is a disc of photos on its way from almaz to agci and christy didn't want to hold up our referral waiting on them thank god for that.
For all of you that said i took to long to post i'll remember that when you get your referrals haha. And I do pray that you get them soon. #1 is a hard place to be and I was only there for a day.


Kristi J said...

Oh....that is so sweet!! I soooo want to know if I"m #1 or not!! Who are the mystery people??? Are Kim and Cale...the same as the Hulls?? There aren't two Kim's??? Someone else just emailed saying kim and cale were #1 on the girls list...Could there be a "KIM" at the top of both lists??? still working at this, kristi

nell ann said...

Congrats again! I'm so excited for you and for little Noah! I am hoping that we get our "new numbers" tomorrow because all the waiting is no fun. I'm hoping for an early February referral -- if I can make it that long.

Congrats again!

Kristi J said...

You are so funny...You definitly got to experience labor...and you delivered a precious healthy baby!! ;) so great!! I'm ready to go into labor...I'm about to pop, ha kristi

Troy said...

Very, very cool ... it's awesome to read the referral call recaps ... "I have a referral for you" = blahblahblah for the rest of the call :) ... and I know we'll be the same way.


Megan said...

Congratulations! What a great story!

jody said...


Anonymous said...

Omigosh!! Just started following your blog about a month ago. I have a daughter adopted internationally - it's been over 20 years since THE BIG REFERRAL, but I totally teared up and choked up when I read the magic sentence you'd been waiting for about having a referral. The only moment that's more magical is when you meet Noah - praying that it'll be really soon!! Congrats!

Paul and DeeDee said...

Aww that is so exciting! I am so glad your wait at number 1 wasn't too long!