Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Baby Boy's gift package.

Ok so as many of you know we are now allowed to send a gift to our baby boy. One of the things it must contain is a photo album . Its not easy to choose which photos to include to give your child his first glimpse of his new home and most importantly his forever family. We didnt include a picture of the guinea pigs due to space issues but we did include one with the dog in it. She's the little monster most likely to be terrorizing umm I mean playing with him anyway. We also tried to pick pictures of mommy and daddy that didn't look to scary haha.

Here is the picture of what I was hoping to send. There is also a photo album that I didnt include in the picture because it has a picture of baby on the cover. Unfortunetly I couldn't make it all fit so the yellow outfit isnt going.
Here is the baggie stuffed and ready to go.


Troy said...

Still ... good work! It's fun to see what all can fit into the ziplock

nell ann said...

yay for the love baggie! that is so fun and i absolutely can't wait to send one to our wee babe!

Dawn said...

Way to go mama!! We are working on getting ours out this week too!

Maria and Family said...

Hey you ~no I had no idea when it was submitted..I was shocked to see we had a court date so fast. Your time will fast too I bet. Love the goodie gift for baby boy!!! That is so fun :)