Monday, January 26, 2009

7 Months old and the 7 things we love about you.

Ok in true blog fashion someone special is 7 months old today. So Baby T here are 7 things we love about you without even meeting you.
1. your huge brown eyes
2. your super long lashes (you will fit in with the Albrights for sure)
3. your tiny little toes i just wanna nibble on
4. sweet little lips i can't wait to kiss
5. How happy you look in the pictures we have
6. Your adorable facial expressions (you sure have alot)
7. How gorgous you are even in pink "you rock it little man"
We love you baby boy and we can't wait to come and bring you home.

ok so far i was dealing well with this stage of waiting because i know we have alot of things to finish up around here before we bring him home but it just really really hit baby boy is 7 months old...I'm sitting here now in tears wishing i could hold him...I wonder how his birthmom is feeling today its been slightly over a month since she relinquished much heartbreak is she feeling..
Please pray for her..that god would give her continued peace in her decison and comfort her heart.


nell ann said...

Honestly, this is one reason I am not looking forward to our referral -- I know it gets even harder to bear! I'm thinking of you and the birth mom today and saying a little prayer of peace for you both.

jody said...

this wait is not at all fun-i am done with it now thank you.

Josh and Kristi said...

Renee, I bet our T's do share the same name. Our little guy is almost 6 months old. Julie said that was the first time she heard that name, but I researched it and is pretty common, though I saw various spellings. I bet thats hard to have two babies with the same name, no wonder they give each child a number to keep it all straight.
Are you going to change your son's name? Our's is Eli T.
My suggestion for the wait...keep busy! Our time seems to be flying, but we do have two busy bodies to chase after! The hardest part for me is seeing how my two baby nieces are growing and changing so fast.

Kristi J said...

So sweet....Happy 7 months to your baby boy!! You'll have him soon and praying for his birth mom...I can't imagine..Kristi

Dawn said...

Awww how sweet!!! :)

Happy 7 month Birthday little man!

Kimmie said...

Hi Renee;

I'd be happy to try to fill you in...if I

Please rest in knowing that he is being well cared for, Hannah's Hope is a beautiful 'family' they really love on each in their care. You can feel God's love ...soon you will feel it yourself!

bless you!
mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

Audrey said...

Please check out my blog. I'm new at this and often post questions on it. I would love your feedback.

Best wishes, Audrey

Kristi J said...

thanks for the sweet comment...yes, surely by Valentines' Day...She'd be the perfect present!!! :) kristi

Maria and Family said...

Happy Birthday little cutie boy!

Troy said...

hey there ... thanks for the insight.

I can understand and appreciate that the wait is harder ... We're longing to see (his) face but know we're be longing more to bring (him) home.

I'm hoping all the projects around the house, etc will keep me busy as well.