Sunday, June 14, 2009

Learning new things.

Since bringing Noah Tamirat home our lives have changed alot in some way and not so much in others. I had experience with young children either nieces and nephews,friends children or ones I babysat for when I was younger so some stuff was new to me and some wasn't. Over all I think this mommy thing is going well.
I never knew that a baby's finger nails grow so much faster then an adults we cut them at least once if not twice a week. Kind of crazy. I never imagined that changing diapers wouldn't bother me..ok so i'm not saying its my favorite thing to do but really its not as bad as changing the diaper of a child thats not yours. I just want to do everything I can to make sure our son is happy and that includes changing stinky,wet diapers. If you want to become a parent for the first time take the patience you have for other children and multiply it by at least 3...if you can handle that much patience your well on your way to full time parenthood. Seriously everytime I'm almost at my limit somehow I look into his eyes and find a little bit more to give because I love him so much.
Noah Tamirat is growing and changing everyday and not a day goes by that he doesn't make me laugh. Of course there are also days he makes me want to cry and rip out my hair. He definitly knows right from wrong and is testing boundries on a daily basis. He will look right at your with his adorable smile as he's doing something you just told him 2 seconds ago not to do.
He's to stinkin cute and he knows it.
I think I expected us to get looks when we are out in public with him, I was even partially prepared for comments because lets face it two white parents and a african child is not your typical family make up. What I didn't expect is how much attention he would get. I know babies get attention ,women will glance at them or say they are cute sometimes but seriously we can't leave the house without being told several times how cute or beautiful he, women, white, black makes no difference this kid draws them in like flys to the point that you almost want to disappear and just live as invisable people. Noah now says mama and dada but we still don't think he knows who he's supposed to say them to. He has pretty much said dada since we came home mama is new. We'll keep working on it. For now i'll leave you with a couple pictures of the boy who draws attention everywhere he goes.


The Hull's at #4 said...

Guys, he is soo beautiful! Your post is great! It's so good to see him so happy.

Kim and crew!

Tisha said...

Of course he attracts attention... he is such a cutie. I know I would stop you! :) It sounds like things are going well. I have been thinking of you.

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Who wouldn't just come over and cooo over him- I would!!!! And we know about attention- all of our children have that ability- sometimes you wonder if when you become a parent- do people notice you??? Oh well...our children love it and eat it up. Especially this time of year when they have summer staff, and campers, and volunteers, and parents all oohing and awing over them. I once said do you think it is bad that our children are told sooo much how cute they are. And a wise person said no- because someday they will be told the opposite and they won't believe it, because they had a great foundation of love!!!

Kameron said...

We are trying to choose an agency, and having such a hard time. It seems like all the agencies have some type of negative reviews online, except All God's Children (but they only had 2 reviews total - both positive though). We are adopting from Ethiopia too. Any advice and your thoughts on AGC would be so very much appreciated.
What made you choose them?
Kameron shadrick

tuesdaymom said...

Those beautiful eyes! And those lashes! He is simply a charmer!