Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ethiopia Day 5 Our last day.

Our last day in Ethiopia. Today we intended to hang out alot at the hotel and hope Noah Tamirat got some good naps in before the long journey to America. We were more then ready to get home and start our life as a family of 3 but did our little guy really have any idea what was about to happen today? We went over to Hannah's Hope for a little bit in the morning and this is what happened when one of the special mothers came outside and saw Tamirat.
She scooped him right up and took him inside. This is where Daddy found him when he went looking. One last time to play I really don't think he understood that he would never see them again.
About 5 minutes before we were leaving for the airport we walked back over to Hannah's Hope with another family in our travel group to get the traditional family picture in front of the gate that neither of us had gotten during the week. Thank you Allen & Sarah for taking our photo.

Here is a picture of Noah Tamirat with one of the drivers from Hannah's Hope Danny. We learned that these two had a very close bond. We were sitting on the steps at the hotel when Danny brought a couple people back from shopping and as soon as he saw us he called out to Tamirat. Its a good thing i had my arm around his waist because his little arms and legs started going and he was squealing in excitement. Danny jumped right out of the van and ran up the steps saying "tami tami tamirat" oh how happy my little guy was. We had to get this photo of Noah with his two favorite Danny's
When we were leaving for the airport and Danny said goodbye to Tamirat I think he finally realized that he was leaving and not going to see this place or these people again. He got the saddest look in his eyes and just started wailing. I recognized that look because it is the same one I saw in the eyes of his birthmom when she said goodbye to him. What a heartbreaking moment for our little guy and my heart was broken for him. The trip to the airport was a bit of a blur..Noah was asleep in my lap and I was just trying to take in our last moment in Ethiopia. All of a sudden we were there and unloading luggage, saying goodbye to johannes and making our way inside. After going thru security we made our way to the checkin desk and things slowly went down hill..let me remind you it was late so already well beyond the time that we were tired and just wanted to sleep. The baby woke up hungry and crabby from being sick and teething. I couldnt juggle him and luggage and a bottle so he pretty much had to cry until we could get rid of our bags and I could feed him. Yes this made me look like a horrible mom and I was getting lots of looks. But wait it gets even worse we got upstairs to our gate and went thru security there and they pulled Sean aside..apprently we had to much birr and we couldnt bring it all with us so there was a big to do and next thing i know someone is taking him away and all they said was "he come with us we be right back" I had no idea where they were taking him or why they were taking him away. I was hot and tired and the baby was having a melt down. He bit me several times and wouldn't stop crying and yes at this point I had a melt down I was scared and frustrated and left alone with a fussy baby and I am forever grateful to the couple that stepped in to help me out. I have no idea what their names were or what agency they were adopting thru but they truly were a god send. They sat with me until Sean came back . The ladies husband talked to the person at the ticket counter to find out where they would have taken him so he could calm me down, he walked with Noah to give me a break...I will most likely never see or hear from these people again but I hope they know how much I appreciate everything they did for me that night and I hope their lives are richly blessed for the kindness that they showed to me.
Sean did come back and we boarded that plane and never was I happier to be on my way home. Noah slept thru all take offs and landing and actually slept thru the entire layover in rome. When he was awake it was typical 10month old behavior of not wanting to be confined to a seat and wanting to yank out and toss everything in the seat backs. Over all I don't think he did bad on the flights. We were very jet lagged by the time we landed at Dulles on Friday and were very thankful for the quick trip thru immigration and happy to see my parents waiting for us.


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Sounds like a crazy adventure....not cool, but Hope now that you are home...I pray that you have begun fresh. I pray that you all are adjusting, and becoming a tight family unit of 3!!! God Bless!!!!

Kelly said...

Oh my - sounds like quite an exciting (and scary) time at the airport. The kindness of strangers can be so wonderful. Glad you made it home!

jody said...

oh yeah, we had some fun times at the airport too and just wanted to GO HOME. i was about to fall apart from exhaustion and stress the whole time. i am so sorry it was so yucky and wish we could have all left together-i am so glad God put someone in your path to help you guys!! hope everything is going well with your family!! :)

Kristi J said...

i'm sure I have it all wrong...I'm really just guessing by what I've heard Julie say...I'm flexible for what ever happens...As long as my baby is with me..nothing else matters :) ahhhh, i'm so excited, kj