Tuesday, June 16, 2009

All Gods Children International.

"The greatest experience, the one which shakes a soul with hope and fear,the results of which are never ending and incidentally, the one which pays the biggest dividends, is to be found in the adoption of children"

Ok so i'm doing this post now for a couple reasons
1. I don't think I have ever done a post about our agency or how we choose them
2. I have received alot of questions about AGCI on other website
3. Someone left me a blog post asking about them but didn't leave me a way to get back to them so i'm hoping they will come back and read this post.

I don't think we choose AGCI as much as I feel we were led to them. I first heard of them soon after we had started the discussion that we might need to adopt in order to complete our family. I was watching an episode of Adoption Story on TLC and a family was adopting a child from Guatamala thru AGCI. Everything about this episode drew me in so much that I thought for sure our child would be waiting for us in Guat and that this was the agency for us. I got on their website right away and requested an information packet. I joined adoption forums that related to Guatamala adoptions and started researching everything I could about that process. However it wasn't the right time for us to start the process. During the wait I continued to research I checked out one other agency that totally felt wrong (for very good reason ) we talked about domestic adoptions, we looked into foster care adopt none of these were right for us we knew international adoption was what we were being called to do. Around the time we were getting more serious I again contacted AGCI. I received another information packet in the mail and since my first contact with them they had started a new country program. There were many rumors about Guatamala shutting down so as we looked into what other programs AGCI had to offer their newest program Ethiopia seemed to be the perfect fit.

Thru this process is was made clear to me that none of this happens in our time, its god's timeing, his plan we just need to follow and be patient. He led us to AGCI not to adopt from Guatamala but to know our agency when the time came, He brought the Ethiopia program around at the time we were prepared to start our process , he knew from the start that our child would be waiting for us there. What an incredible ride it was and I"m so glad we choose to follow where we were being led.


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

AMEN to that!!!! We love love love AGCI. What they stand for, how they so loving and prayerfully do things. The staff. Their patience with our thousands of questions. Praise God for AGCI! I found great peace after reading how the agency started in the book- The Strength in Mercy. It totally made it clear to us that this was the right agency!!!!

Maria and Family said...

Do you remember we "met" way back when on adopt.com's ethiopia board? I posted a question about all gods children since I was pretty sure we were going with them and you responded !! They are awesome...:)

Lisadiana said...

Nice to learn about your journey!