Friday, November 27, 2009

Noah's First Thankgiving.

We were very blessed this year to have good friends invite us to share thanksgiving with them when they heard we wouldn't be traveling to be with family. Noah did lots of eating and definitly enjoyed his first thanksgiving. Thank you Monica, John, Cathy and Cayla we had a great day. And Noah thanks all your diggies (doggies ) to for running and playing with him. Now on to some holiday cuteness..We just got a new camara so now my blog posts will contain more of what everyone loves. Thanksgiving cuteness.

Here mom take my cup.

Digging for Blocks.
Ahh time for the feast.

Noah seriously enjoys his food.
We hope everyone enjoyed their holiday and took time to remember how blessed we all are.

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Maria and Family said...

I think noah loves those blocks!! He is much too cute :) Tatiana sends xooxoxo !!