Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A visit with Santa.

Today Noah had his first visit with Santa. We saw one in the mall on Saturday and he waved and blew kisses but we didn't stop to visit. Today Sean was home from work and decided we should take Noah Tamirat for his 1st picture with the big man. He did great walked right up to Santa and touched him after waving and blowing kisses. And then the jolly not so fat guy went to pick him up and little man decided that wasn't cool and he turned and ran back to daddy. Sean and I weren't planning on having a family photo with Santa but Noah was not going to sit on his lap. Boy its been a long time since I sat next to Santa. Enjoy our family photo. We came home to eat a nice dinner of pot roast that had been cooking in the crock pot all day. Noah Tamirat was so happy to have daddy home all day he's going to enjoy this week of daddy on vacation.


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Maria and Family said...

what a little cutie he is !!i LOVE the big curls.
Hey cheer up, you are sitting on SANTAS LAP :)