Friday, October 2, 2009

Some cheese to go with that Whine??

Ok so now that nighttimes are awesome i'm wondering what happened to the days when I used to know that Noah was awake from a nap because I heard him playing and talking in his crib. I would walk in the room and when he noticed me he would reach up for me with a smile and a giggle. Now everyday I know he's awake by the screams and cries coming from his room. Needless to say i'm not happy about this little turn of events.
For the second day in a row he is increasingly whiny(perhaps a delayed reaction to his shots?) and has refused to eat big deal He had breakfast we'll try again at dinner I won't be a parent that forces my child to eat. But please please please stop the whineing..he's now in the living room in his playpen while mommy has a time out in the bedroom..
Oh how i miss that sweet smiley face after bedtime.


Erin said...

There's a good chance he's just not feeling himself for one reason or another and will be back to normal in no time. Whiny in definately hard to deal with for too long :)

Paul and DeeDee said...

ahhh yes little Noah is becoming a true toddler.....the whining will come and go for the next several months I suspect....although I am not sure I am at the end of that stage yet either:( I just try to keep them well fed, well rested, and entertained for the most part to reduce the whining....and I try not to ever give in when they are requesting things in a whiny voice.

Maria and Family said...

Been there..done the whine. Then wine helps :)

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

I love giving myself a time out :) Happy to know I am not the only mom who does this. Hang in there.....whining is my nightmare.