Sunday, October 4, 2009

How does this happen?

Before we left for Ethiopia we made a trip to BJ's and bought lots of baby and children's Motrin and Tylenol. Most of it went to Hannah's hope for donations but we did keep two bottles of Motrin and 1 of Tylenol for our use. While in Ethiopia that bottle of infant Motrin became a good friend. Noah had a cold and was also teething. Back home at some point bottle #1 got used up so knowing how good a friend it was you would think it immediately gets replaced. Not the case half way thru bottle #2 it was in my mind to get more on the next trip to bj's because you can get a pack of two and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Well you never seem to remember what ya need when your actually at the store right? So here we are 5 months and 6 teeth later and little man is screaming so momma comes running Daddy is nursing the last of the Motrin out of the bottle..ARE YOU KIDDING..what kind of parents are we that we ran out of our friend? So there we stand with the bottle tipped to the child's lips so he can get out the last remaining drops to sooth the pain and then off daddy goes to the drugstore and pays $10 for 1 bottle while mommy stays home to rock screaming child who by the way wanted mommy until the minute daddy walked out the door..Then guess who he wanted. Next time we go to BJ's guess what will be on the top of the list sweet friend Motrin we will never run out of you again I swear.


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Teething- no fun. Awww....sweet boy. Hey, we have that happen too. We do try to keep a list on our refrigerator, but hey, it isn't always complete.

The Hull's at #4 said...


Dawn said...

Oh yes - you can NOT run out of that stuff!! Go stock up!