Tuesday, October 20, 2009

6 months-Half a year.

Wow is all I can say today. Noah Tamirat has been with us for 6months..half of a year. Its that magical time in the adoption world where they say everything should have fallen in place. I think for us things didn't just turn on like a switch overnight but they have been slowly progressing and right now I think we work well as a family. Noah knows the rules and takes great delight in breaking them and then smiling at you. Yeah we need to work on finding a method of discipline that will work for him. He's just to darn cute and he knows it.
Today also marks the day that our boy has been with us for as long as he was with his birth mom. She is never far from our minds and always in our hearts. I often wonder as I watch Noah Tamirat play or discover something new what would his birthmom think if she could see him now? Would she be happy and proud of the job we are doing raising him? I look at his precious face and see his birth mom reflected back at me its awesome that he will be able to grow up knowing who he looks like. How painful would it be for me if I had to let Noah go tomorrow? There are no words to describe how broken she must have been yet she had the strength to do what she must for her son. We know he was loved and wanted long before his birth not only by us but by his birth mom. What greater show of love then to give him a name that means "miracle"? He is definitely that to his daddy and both of his mommies. Saying goodnight and blowing kisses to a picture of his birth mom is part of his nightly routine and we will continue to tell him as he grows how much he was loved during his time with her.


Kelly said...

Happy six months as a family day! I love your nightly tradition of saying good night to his birth mother. That's a really special thing for you to do.

Leah said...

Happy 6 months as a family. It sounds like things are really falling into place.