Friday, July 24, 2009

The Zoo

Ok so after my last post I think I left people thinking we had a terrible day at the zoo which isn't true it wasn't all bad. Noah did sleep thru alot of the zoo, it was hot, flat counters are not changing stations and rude people are no fun but there is some good in all of it. Before Noah fell asleep he got to see a cow, donkeys, goats (starting to feel like Ethiopia?). He also saw llamas, lions, tigers (fell asleep before the bears), elephants, orangutans, prairie dogs and turtles. These pictures are for you grandpa. Noah Tamirat pets his first cow.

See the llama's behind that fence. Noah thought it was cute to spit at them. I had to warn my dear sweet child that mama loves llamas and has never been spit on by one but if they choose to spit back at him I was going to leave him in that llama pen for the rest of the day haha.


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

AWWWW cute!!! Hey, to all those stares...of which we get so many I don't even notice anymore. Choose to think that they can't help staring- after all your babe is just so cute- who wouldn't stare? I would. Well....that's a mind trick I use for me. He is just so handsome!!!!!

Kelly said...

Lots of cute animals (and cute Noah, too)! Thanks for your comment the other day - I would LOVE to meet up some time. Feel free to email me at kpfeifer at gmail and we can try to connect. We're pretty booked through August but maybe September would work out. We really want to start building a network of Ethiopian adoption families in the area, so this would be great! Plus I'd love to meet you and Noah.