Thursday, July 2, 2009

Busy day ,Horrible night.

Yesterday was a busy day. It was time for Noah Tamirat's 1 year check up at the docter which we knew would include more shots. Before the doctor Sean came home and we went over to his job so all his co-workers could meet Noah. This was a big deal since his co-workers had a shower for us and Noah has been in the company newletter twice already they were all excited to meet him. Of course Noah loved all the attention and even let people hold him for short amounts of time never taking his eyes off mommy or daddy. All to soon it was off to the doctors.

Noah is growing very well and appears to be healthy. All his lab work came back fine and the shots he had in Ethiopia are fine so thats 3 less shots he is going to need here. Yesterday's visit however did include two. He cried thru both which broke my heart and I had to grab a lollypop on the way out ( stressful for momma). Of course his doctor wants us to put him on whole milk as soon as we finish the formula we have and also to start getting him off bottles. We have been trying him out with sippy cups but so far not much progress. Another thing she said is no more formula bottle at night at his age he doesn't need it if he wakes up give him a bottle of water. Ok no problem the bottle might just be for comfort so we can switch to water easy peasy lemon squeezy right?? WRONG. Yes big fat capital letters WRONG.

About quarter to 2 Noah woke up so I went in and handed him the bottle of water, layed him back down and rubbed his tummy for a minute then put the blanket on him and left the room. Before I was even back in bed he was standing in the crib crying. So I went and took him out of the crib and changed his diaper, put him back in layed him down with the bottle of water, rubbed his tummy covered him up and left the room. Lets keep in mind with a bottle of formula this is all I need to do and then he falls back to sleep. I get in bed he's screaming and whailing again. Sean is awake so we said lets see if he'll work it out on his own. We waited, he screamed, we waited , he screamed..momma started was gettin ugly..I couldn't do it any longer. I got up and took him out onto the couch and layed him in my arms with the bottle. He would just about fall asleep and then wake up crying again. I tried bringing him in bed to see if the comfort of being near us would go still screaming at this point its about 2:30 in the morning and he was very upset(so was momma). I gave up I went and made him a bottle of formula and brought it back to bed with us. Noah drank about 6 oz' and fell back to sleep at which time sean carried him to his crib and layed him down and all was right in his little world. Momma was left feeling horrible. Clearly the kid was hungry and I let him cry and scream because the doctor said he doesn't need a bottle in the middle of the night. How is this good for bonding to not give him what he needs?

So years from now when you see me on Nanny 911 still rocking or holding Noah while he falls asleep and still giving him a bottle in the middle of the night , still not sleeping for more then 3 hours in a row remember this post. I don't think cry it out will ever happen in this house i'm not strong enough and i'll gladly give up sleep for my son to be happy. And now i'm gonna leave you with a picture because pictures make us all feel better.


Three2Five said...

The important thing is that you do what is right for you as a mom. I definitely think he knows what is in his bottle and is not comforted by the flavor of water. Unfortunately for little ones they are creatures of habbit and it takes awhile to break a cycle. We don't have to get up with Liam in the middle of the night but he is very much still on the bottle(doesn't do well with sippy cups either.)and we are very much still doing formula. We just switched him to next step. Your doing a good job!

jody said...

ok, i am going to be all "mom" on this comment though and say, if you want to give him a bottle at night, the world sure won't end, but don't leave him in his crib with it and let him go to sleep with it or it can cause SERIOUS dental damage and issues later in his life. If they fall asleep sucking on a bottle or sippy cup of formula (or anything other than water) it causes the sugars in the liquid to just sit up against their teeth and gums and cause decay and serious dental problems. so, if you want to let him have a bottle at nite you have to make sure you sit with him and give it to him until it is gone and then put him back in bed. i know i sound like one of those obnoxious mommys, but i saw a LOT of this problem when i used to work with my head start families and it was not good. you can read about it-goggle "bottle mouth" and it will explain it a little better.
the other thing i wanted to say is that all little kiddos have their comfort habits and noah is still getting used to his new world so if you don't do what the doc says you are "supposed" to do at exactly 12 months, it is not that big of a deal-noah's needs are not the average babies needs b/c he had a different beginning and it is ok to let him hang on to some comforting things, as long as he's not getting a middle of the nite bottle when he starts kindergarten you are just fine! :)

Tisha said...

Oh Renee, I am so sorry. Sometimes doctors just get on my nerves. I know with our first child I did everthing they told us to and by the third I learned to do things my way. He is still adjusting. Keep doing what is best for the 3 of you!! If it is a bottle in the middle of the night then so be it. You are a wonderful mother!! Don't forget it!

Anonymous said...

the bottle thing is tough... All three of my kids were on the bottle and I didn't get them off until 2ish so don't panic or worry about it! What I did eventually to switch from formula to milk was do 6oz formula to 2oz milk, then less formula, more milk... and so on until they were used to the milk. On of my kiddies didn't like the mix so I was able to do an outright switch for her. **hugs** I know it's tough at times but it'll work out.


Maria and Family said...

Most doctors do not understand an adopted baby is NOT the same as a baby brought home as a newborn whether bio or isabella took a bottle at night until she was gosh...15 months or so an by then she was home 9 months!! If you remember your call with emily (sw) she said adopted kids should have 12 months (i think..) added to their age when talking about emotional milestone. I had isabella on formula until 2 yrs...i moved her up to the next step formula. I also didnt take her bottle away until she was 2 ish and we did it slowly. Heck she still has her bink at night and nap and she is 3 :) I dont blame you at ALL for listening to your doctor, but she should know better. If your baby is happy with a bottle at night and goes right back to sleep and YOU are ok with that...give it to him and dont worry about the dr. Maybe give him 4 oz instead of six but water ? Yup he is going to notice LOL!! You guys are still bonding so I wouldnt make any major changes that are too upsetting for you and him :):) ALL THIS IS SAID WITH LOVE !! Just my 2cents having been there before. do what you feel is right but remember , doctors are human and they dont know your baby like you do :)

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

So just remember....doctors think they are right, but don't let it stress you. You are the mama here!!! I just hate- and i do mean hate when docs try to tell me what is best for my child. Now if it is a medical need- fine, but you need to be his mama first!!! The doctor has their own problems to deal with. Other than the comment by Jody which is true- give him that bottle- you will all feel better!!! Also, remember you need that bonding time, and he may just need it. Don't stress.