Tuesday, April 7, 2009

An Update on Noah T.

Here is an email from a family that just returned from Ethiopia on friday.

"We were able to see T while we were in Ethiopia. Jason actually spent about 15 minutes with him one morning while we were at Hannah's Hope. T was sitting in a walker that could be pushed and Jason pushed him around in it for a while. T had a huge smile on his face and loved going for a ride. He had great eye contact and was definitely a social child. He also seemed to be very well-loved by the special mothers (kind of doted on) He is a very cute little boy. We weren't able to get any pictures but I'm sure Christy has a couple coming your way. "

Thank you so much Brock family for spending time with Noah T. and bringing us news.


jody said...

won't it be great when you don't NEED any more updates b/c you will have the actual BOY in your little hands?????? so soon!!! see you NEXT WEEK!!!!!!

Dawn said...

awwww... fun update!

oh and umm we are going to get them NEXT week!!

Sara said...

Hi there,

I found your blog through another friend's blog. We just began our process through AGCI, and we have two sons from Ethiopia from a previous adoption. So excited to read your story and I can't wait to see pictures. Oh, by the way--we are from Maryland (moved to Texas 3 years ago). I grew up in Gambrills/Odenton. :)


Paul and DeeDee said...

YES! We would absolutely love that! Can you send me an email and I will send along her pictures!! I can't believe you will be there in a week!