Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Introducing Noah Tamirat Albright.

The moment you have all been waiting for. I got permission to introduce our son to the world so here is Noah Tamirat Albright.The very first picture we saw.
The one that changed our lives for ever.

A couple weeks later we received about 39 more pics here are a couple favorites.Gorgous Brown eyes. Daddy's favorite.

His beautiful smile.
Like a little angel.

These were taken in early Feb by another sweet agci mommy Autumn . He looks very inquisitive.

These were taken about two weeks ago while our Case manager Christy was in Ethiopia. Apperently he was in a serious mood and not giveing up the smiles.

We are so head over heels in love with this little boy and blessed to have him as our son. I can't wait to post pictures of us as a family.


Jessica Knitter said...

He is so very cute. I can not wait to see pictures of all 3 of you together!!

Brian and Autumn said...

YAY!!!! Family pictures soon :)

A and B said...

Too Cute! I bet you stare at them all the time. Congrats and thanks for posting.

Mandy said...

Very sweet! Now you can go take your own pictures of that cutie!

Troy said...

he's awesome ... Silas' 'big brother' will be home forever soon! :)

Anonymous said...

He is absolutely adorable. Love the "serious" face. Can't wait for family photos.

auntie cc

Dawn said...

pretty sure he's one of the cutest little ethiopians around!!! see you on sunday!!!

p.s. word verification - fabuff

My3Monkeys said...

congrats! He is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

just popping over from the adoption forums - had to see him!! He is just gorgeous!!! Congrats and wishing you safe travel!!


Amber said...

He's adorable!!

Ruthanne said...