Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Snow Day.

It snowed again today. Noah and I have both been sick all week but I was feeling the need to get out of the house and since Sean didn't want to go and run errands in the storm it was out into the snow we went. This is the first time Noah has been out in the snowpants and boots and gloves so he wasn't real sure what to do. We didn't stay out long because I didn't want him to get anymore sick but we had fun trudging thru the lawn. Figuring out how to walk.
Mommom I fell down and got my gloves wet.

Hey its not snowing under here. Noah hides under the deck.

Look mom no snow. And its easier to walk.

Back out into the white stuff.

Noah and Mommom

Noah kept going in circles under one side of the deck and out the other. I'm pretty sure he would have stayed out longer if we let him. He had fun as long as he didn't fall down.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

19 month old, Sickness and a mommy FAIL.

Noah Tamirat is 19 month old today..all I can say is where is the time going? The months are just flying by and I"m wishing I could slow it down just a little.

Mommy and Noah are both sick. However in the unfairness of life mom has no energy and little man still seems to have plenty which leads me to the mommy fail. This morning Noah was playing in the living room as I laid on the couch watching cartoons. Apprently I dozed off because I woke to find him sitting on the end table in a pool of Dr. Pepper. After a change of clothes for him I went into our bathroom to get some medicine for me and in the couple seconds that took I heard him fussing. He had managed to crawl into the dog kennel and lock himself in. Just last week he was playing in there and we knew he could unlock it because he once let the dog out but now we know he can lock it from the inside. Maybe I should have left him in there and napped haha.

I'll leave you with some fun pictures from last week if you didn't already see them on facebook.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Trying to catch up.

So there is a lot I haven't blogged about. Like Christmas, our first as a family. I tried several times to post video from Christmas morning because we have no pictures but for some reason I can't get them to post so I gave up. Christmas morning was not everything I had hoped it would be so I guess I chose to not post about it.
Noah did really well with the car rides but everything else went completely off any kind of schedule and we are still trying to get back on track.
Yesterday marks 9 months that Tamirat has been part of our family and in a few short days he will be 19 months old. Saturday we are hoping to meet some local adoptive families for Ethiopian food. We haven't had it since August so I'm pretty excited.
Monday Noah had his 18 month check up at the doctor. My boy is growing so fast. He has 16 teeth, weighs 30.2 lbs, 30 1.2 inches long and has a head circumference of 49 1/2. The doctor didn't comment on his weight other then to say that he must love his food so I guess she has figured out he is just going to remain on the upper level of the growth chart in weight and the lower end for height. She did said his head size is good whatever that means. Overall she seemed pleased with his development.

I"m still trying to get videos on here so if anyone has any suggestions let me know. I know that you blog savy folks post videos. In the meantime I'll try to extract some still pictures from the video so I have something exciting for my next post.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Melkin Yedidet Beaal -Merry Christmas

Last year a tiny little 6month old baby boy was spending his first Christmas at Hannah's Hope. He was fairly new there and no doubt wondering where his momma went and when she would come back. I'm sure he was scared in his new surroundings and grieving some loss. I'm also sure that his momma wasn't celebrating on this day as she had her own grief at the loss of her baby boy.
Neither of them knew that just a day before two people thousands of miles away had seen a picture and heard about a little boy named Tamirat in Ethiopia. They were already falling in love and praying this child would be their son. You see they wanted nothing more in the world then to be parents.
This year Noah Tamirat is spending his 2ND Christmas in a much different place. He is being raised to know his birth mom and how much she loves him. He is comfortable in his surroundings and we hope he has let go of some of the grief. I hope this year his birth mom can celebrate and know in her heart that her son is loved and taken care of with two people that are incredible blessed to be his parents and will never forget the amazing woman that gave him life.

*just a note this outfit has matching pants but we waited to long to have him wear it and now the pants are to short*.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Goodbye 2009 and a referral anniversary.

One year ago we went to bed knowing that we were #1 for a baby boy. Oh how hard it was to sleep that night and I can still feel the ache in my stomach like it was yesterday. How much anxiety January 6th held not knowing if our call would come or if we would get the call that we were officially #1 and we would wait some more.

Around 3:30 in the afternoon we got the call that rocked our world there was a beautiful little boy in Ethiopia waiting for parents. This is our first look at our little boy.

By far the most adorable boy we had ever seen. I can't believe it's been a year since we saw this sweet picture.

2009 was an amazing blessed year for our family. We saw our boys face for the first time in pictures on january 6th.

on feb 6th we got the call that we had been assigned a court date in Ethiopia for March 31st.

April 1st we got the call that Noah Tamirat was legally an Albright

April 20th we became a family as we held our little boy in our arms for the very first time.

I can't wait to see what is in store for us in 2010 as we watch Noah grow into our family. He is everything we dreamed of and more.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Noah's 1st haircut.

So today I finally took the plunge and got Noah's haircut. I thought I was ready until we got there . Trust me these pictures don't even show the half of how stressful this was for him. A before picture taken christmas day.
Mommom I don't like this please take me out of the chair.

I don't want elmo I want to leave.

Holding him in the chair with his chewy.

Still not happy.

The new look.

I"m not gonna smile mom i'm still mad at you.

Nope not gonna look at you.

Forget it.

Finally his football stance.