Thursday, December 2, 2010

December already?

Wow am I a bad blogger or what? No blog posts at all for the month of November you would think we were hibernating. It was a bit of a crazy month I guess. Noah and I spent our first time apart and not by choice since I spent 3 1/2 days in the hospital with an ecoli infection in my kidneys. Sean brought noah to visit me in the morning and then again in the afternoon for a couple hours at a time but a 2 year old and hospital room just don't mix.
Noah also got his first big injury. We had Jake over to play and the boys were hugging goodbye when they tipped over into the entertainment center. Noah Tamirat cut open the back of his head and got 3 staples and Jake banged up his face. A little to much trauma for this momma lets hope we don't do that again soon.
We traveled to Florida for thanksgiving this year and its clear that Noah is no longer a good traveler in the car. Before coming home we purchased a new portable dvd player and it ran non stop from all the way home.

Christmas will be at our house this year so we are busy decorating and getting ready for company..

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