Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas at Home.

This year instead of traveling for Christmas we decided to stay at home. We told my family that we wouldn't be coming to New York but we would love for them to join us here. How blessed we were that my parents and my brother and his family could join us. My oldest brother wasn't able to come but it was nice for the rest of the family to be here.
My parents arrived the Sunday before Christmas and left the Monday after(they stayed with us). My brother and his family arrived the day before christmas and left the day after(stayed at a nearby hotel). This year we were able to take Noah to his first christmas at Hershey Park and it was so much fun to be able to take my parents as well. My child ate 7 tiny pieces of chocolate and was wound for the rest of the night. I'm not sure he even felt the cold. I couldn't belive my baby was not only big enough to go on rides by himself but was willing to. We have had some issues this month with him being clingy to momma.
The Stockings are hung. My niece and nephews stocking join Noah's and Honey's on christmas eve in hopes that Santa will come. Noah with one of his stocking gifts.
Where Noah spent a good amount of time watching his new movies
The cousins in front of the tree.

My parents with all their grandchildren.
Christmas morning was everything I had hoped it would be. We woke up at 7am and heard Noah Tamirat in his room so we turned on the living room lights and the video camara and then let him out to discover everything from santa. As he was opening his stocking my parents woke up and they were ready to take pictures and enjoy watching him open all his gifts from santa. My brother and his family arrived soon after Noah had opened his gifts so my niece and nephew opened their stockings and gifts from their parents and then all the kids got the gifts from my parents. Noah opened gifts from his aunt and uncle and cousins and gave them the gifts from us. My niece loved her ethiopian scarf and her ugandan bead necklace. It was a busy day but so nice to have family here and be in our own home so Noah could play with ALL his toys and not just a few.

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