Friday, February 26, 2010

20 Months/10 months

Today Noah is 20 months old. As of the 20th he has been with us 10 months. That magical time when he has been with us longer then he was without us. I won't say I feel like he's always been with us because it doesnt. Very clearly I remember the days, weeks, months and years of longing for a child and how painful that time in my life was. I remember feeling like Sean and I were a couple and not a family and how part of me felt empty.
However I can also remember like it was yesterday walking thru those gates and seeing Noah for the first time ( a little puff of curls over the top of a bouncy seat). I watched someones "gotcha video" last night and held my breath as I saw them walk that path and stand outside those gates. Our son has changed us in many ways and we will forever be greatful for what he he brings to our life.
Noah now has 17 teeth and #18 is on its way. We have started introducing him to potty training and its going great. He doesnt know how to tell us when he has to go but he will sit on the potty and pee if we ask him if he wants to. He is doing a great job riding the bike he got for christmas. He loves balls, books, cars, tools and blocks.
Happy 20 month birthday Noah Tamirat you are my joy and I can't belive you have been with us half your little life.

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Troy said...

sounds like the boy's got some skills going ... good work.

And good work on the teeth counting ... I still don't know how many are in there for Silas ... boy does not allow me to come close to his mouth.