Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sneak peek at baby shower gifts.

Happy 8 month birthday.

No I didn't forget that an amazing little boy is 8 months old today. I'm not going to do the classic 8 things we love about you because I'm going to tell you how I just spent a couple hours of my afternoon celebrating baby boy. Seans co-workers threw a "surprise" haha shower for us. Food and cake and tons of presents. What an awesome group of people. We are certainly blessed by their generosity, love and support for us and Noah. I will do a post complete with pictures as soon as I get them. And yes they even did the crazy hat that we both had to wear for a picture..I'll post the one of sean in the hat the one of me.....hmmm.. I'll think about it.
So happy 8 month birthday baby boy we can't wait to come and get you. The cake had his picture on it and that part didn't get cut so we are planning to freeze it for his 1st birthday.

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Generosity of strangers.

When we received the first pictures of T he was laying on a very cute pillow in his crib. We were interested in getting an identical type pillow to have in his crib when he comes home so we asked our agency where the pillow came from and they directed us to the website of a lady here in the states that makes them. I looked at the site and didn't see the pillows listed so I sent an email inquiring how I might be able to get this pillow. I was instructed to email a picture and send my mailing address and she would make it and send it out as a gift. Wait did I read that right a perfect stranger and business woman wants to make and send something as a gift for us and our son? But we were willing to pay whatever it would cost how can this be possible? Not only are we overwhelmed by the love and support of family and friends in this process we are also being blessed by strangers. Below are the pictures of what arrived this morning. Not exactly what he has in Ethiopia but hopefully close enough that he feels comfortable sleeping on it at home.

Aren't they beautiful. If you need a gift for a baby please visit this website and give this wonderful lady some business.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Sweetest email a waiting Mom & Dad can get

A travel group just arrived home from Ethiopia. Autumn and Brian were there to pick up their sweet little Elias and while they were there they saw some of the other babies. I got this email this morning.

"We saw T! He is wonderful!!!!! He absolutely loved getting attention. Each time we saw him they had him in the walker thing. He seemed to really like it. The special mothers would wheel him around the rooms and the hall. Anytime anyone of them would say his name his face would light up. Many of the babies were scared of white people but T handled us okay. He wouldn't crack a smile if we were around but he would let me talk to him, hold his hand, and play with his gorgeous curls without fussing at all. He was just so sweet and content each time we saw him."

Autumn thank you so much for this and the other stuff*hehe*. We seriously can't thank you enough. My AGCI girlies rock.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Court Date!

Today is one month from the day we saw our sweet boy's face for the first time. Today we received another wonderful call from Christy. We have our court date. March 31st is the big day for us and about 4 other families from our agency. Please remember us in your prayers that day that we would all pass thru courts and be able to travel togeather most likely at the end of April. We are so excited to be that much closer to bringing our little man home. Time to get crackin on the to do lists.
Last week we got baby T's car seat in the mail . Thank you mimi and pap pap. We are expecting some other special gifts soon but i'm going to wait to blog about them until they get here.
We thank everyone for the continued love and support we are receiving thru this process.