Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Sweetest email a waiting Mom & Dad can get

A travel group just arrived home from Ethiopia. Autumn and Brian were there to pick up their sweet little Elias and while they were there they saw some of the other babies. I got this email this morning.

"We saw T! He is wonderful!!!!! He absolutely loved getting attention. Each time we saw him they had him in the walker thing. He seemed to really like it. The special mothers would wheel him around the rooms and the hall. Anytime anyone of them would say his name his face would light up. Many of the babies were scared of white people but T handled us okay. He wouldn't crack a smile if we were around but he would let me talk to him, hold his hand, and play with his gorgeous curls without fussing at all. He was just so sweet and content each time we saw him."

Autumn thank you so much for this and the other stuff*hehe*. We seriously can't thank you enough. My AGCI girlies rock.


Dawn said...

Awww - I'm so glad you got an update!!

P.S. you may want to take his name off though. :)

Troy said...

that's awesome! Gotta love updates! Sounds perfect.

jody said...

so fun!