Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy 8 month birthday.

No I didn't forget that an amazing little boy is 8 months old today. I'm not going to do the classic 8 things we love about you because I'm going to tell you how I just spent a couple hours of my afternoon celebrating baby boy. Seans co-workers threw a "surprise" haha shower for us. Food and cake and tons of presents. What an awesome group of people. We are certainly blessed by their generosity, love and support for us and Noah. I will do a post complete with pictures as soon as I get them. And yes they even did the crazy hat that we both had to wear for a picture..I'll post the one of sean in the hat the one of me.....hmmm.. I'll think about it.
So happy 8 month birthday baby boy we can't wait to come and get you. The cake had his picture on it and that part didn't get cut so we are planning to freeze it for his 1st birthday.


Troy said...

That's awesome!

Maria and Family said...

I know you guys had a wonderful time! How wonderful of everyone to do something so nice for you guys. I cant wait to see the cake :)