Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas with the Roberts Family part 2 - A Visitor

Ok so here is part two of the saga. Christmas eve we went with my parents to some friends house for a little get to geather. When we got back to my brothers my niece and nephew were already asleep waiting for santa Derek was actually sleeping across a couple chairs near the tree on santa watch so Sean and I went on to bed. Around 1am I hear a noise and we heard Zeus bark...hmmm Santa must be here and the dog hear's him right?? I hear noise that sounds like its in the room with us so I make Sean get up turn on the lights and look around of course he doesnt see anything so out go the lights and back in bed. A few minutes later I hear more noise so i said Sean something is in here and i'm scared, I think at some point the dog barked again. Sean gets up turns the light back on ,we hear Missy in the hallway so sean opens the door and tells her he thinks we have a visitor..so they close the bedroom door and open one side of the closet door,,nothing...open the other side of the closet door there on the top shelf sits a chipmunk...is it Alvin or Simon...nope ...Chipmunk jumps out of closet Missy and I both scream and now i'm standing at the top of the bed while the little chubby (it can only be Theodore) is hopping up the bed towards me. At this point he jumps up on the curtains and I scream again and run out of the room. I hear my niece come out of her room "Mommmmmmmy" ...Brandi go back in your room its not safe I said hahaha..ok really i did tell her there was a chipmunk in there I didnt want to frighten her to badly. My brother is woken up to help catch the chipmunk which he does ...so all is good right nope chipmunk jumps out of the towel and over the landing onto the top of the christmas tree. Now he's down stairs so Sean ,Missy and Mike all go down to catch him again. Brandi and I watch from the top of the stairs..There was a moment when we started to go down but heard another scream so we ran back up again. Finally the chipmunk is caught but at this point its like 1:30 and everyone is wide awake from all the excitement. The kids wanted to open gifts then because at some point Santa had already come and gone. He is obviously alot quieter then our friend Theodore. Everyone finally did go back to sleep and waited until christmas morning to open gifts.
I have to wonder what i would have done if our little man was already here with us. Would I have grabbed him on my way out the door?? I would like to think that i'm a good mom to be and would have saved my child first but honestly people I dont really know. I love squirrels and chipmunks but not so much when they are indoors and racing around on the bed that just minutes ago i was sleeping in. If only someone had thought to take out the video camara these are the stories we will laugh about for years to come.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas with the Roberts Family part 1.

So Sean and I spent Christmas week with my family. It was an adventure and I have decided I don't know how I ever lived in New York State..it was so cold the second day i was already freezing and ready to come home. Let me introduce the family and then we will take a look at the christmas gifts that our little man got.

The Roberts family includes My mom and dad aka Grandma and Grandpa, my oldest brother aka Uncle Frankie, My other brother and his family aka. Uncle Mike,Aunt Missy and the cousins Brandi and Derek. Part 2 of the christmas saga will also include their dog Zeus. Now on to the gifts. From Grandma and Grandpa lots of new clothes.

Our little man will be very well dressed.

Bottles, Bibs and a fun new toy.

The all important, lotion,powder, wipes,duckies, onesies..etc..

Now for the next gift its a tradition for the boys in our family to collect the hess trucks each year. My brothers always got them when they were younger and my brother Frankie started getting them for my nephew derek years ago..Now Baby Noah has his start to the Hess truck collection.
These gifts are also from Uncle Frankie because they were purchased with the Babies R Us gift card that he gave us. Our dog Honey wanted to be in the picture to.

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle Frankie for the great gifts. Coming soon part two of the Christmas in new york saga...who came to visit on Christmas eve??

Saturday, December 13, 2008

One year ago.

A year ago today we mailed in our contracts to AGCI which I guess would mark our offical start to this journey. I think back then I thought I would know who my child was by this point and if it wasnt for our slow home study agency I probable would but here we are . There are 7 more working days for AGCI between now and Christmas and we are still praying that there is a round of referrals still to come between now and then and that ours is one of them.
As i'm writing this its about 5am in Ethiopia and my little boy is probable snuggled in a crib at hannah's hope just waiting to know who his forever family will be. I long to hang a stocking by the fireplace and buy a babies first christmas ornament but I havent let myself go there until we see him in pictures. Baby boy you are so loved already. You have aunts and uncles and grandparents and cousins that can't wait until you come home. We so appreciate all the love and support that we have gotten from family and friends so far during this process and the wait from referral to travel might be the hardest wait yet . I think the motto of adoption is "hurry up and wait" get this done so you can wait some more.
Tonight I pray for my child, his birthmother and Almaz and the special mothers at hannah's hope. I also pray for my other family my AGCI family. All the ones that are waiting for courtdates may the judge have favor on you and let those little ones come home, all my girls right in front of me on the list(Dawn and Jody) may we know our sweet childrens faces soon. To my girls right behind me (Kim and Nell Ann) may your referrals be close behind. And for the rest on the list may you fly up the list as quickly as we did. Here's to smooth sailing thru the process.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Number5??? Number 3?? Which one could it be?

Ok I didn't expect to make another update post so soon but its needed you see yesterday Wade and Laura got their referral of a baby boy so that makes us #

Congrats on you new little boy. However there were two unknown people on the list after them. Over on the girls list Stacy and Maria both got referrals congrats to both of you on your new little girls. They were are #1 and #4 with two unknowns between them. There is a very strong chance that the unknowns on both lists were the same people and that they got girl referrals also yesterday which would move us to #3 on the boy list. So in honor of possible being #3 here are a couple drawings from some friends.

Thank you Annemarie.

Thank you to Diane's girls.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

December Update #'s

Ok I know this post probable looks confusing so let me explain. Officially we are still #7 however we know that a referral was made right before Thanksgiving which makes us #6. Until these people do all the required paperwork needed to officially accept a referral they don't come off the list. So you can consider us to be 7 if ya wanna be all official and #6 if your like me and want this to move along. I know it hasn't been alot of movement this month but families are getting thru courts and traveling which is something to be thankful for. We are still hopeful that by christmas or soon after we will know who our son is.