Saturday, December 13, 2008

One year ago.

A year ago today we mailed in our contracts to AGCI which I guess would mark our offical start to this journey. I think back then I thought I would know who my child was by this point and if it wasnt for our slow home study agency I probable would but here we are . There are 7 more working days for AGCI between now and Christmas and we are still praying that there is a round of referrals still to come between now and then and that ours is one of them.
As i'm writing this its about 5am in Ethiopia and my little boy is probable snuggled in a crib at hannah's hope just waiting to know who his forever family will be. I long to hang a stocking by the fireplace and buy a babies first christmas ornament but I havent let myself go there until we see him in pictures. Baby boy you are so loved already. You have aunts and uncles and grandparents and cousins that can't wait until you come home. We so appreciate all the love and support that we have gotten from family and friends so far during this process and the wait from referral to travel might be the hardest wait yet . I think the motto of adoption is "hurry up and wait" get this done so you can wait some more.
Tonight I pray for my child, his birthmother and Almaz and the special mothers at hannah's hope. I also pray for my other family my AGCI family. All the ones that are waiting for courtdates may the judge have favor on you and let those little ones come home, all my girls right in front of me on the list(Dawn and Jody) may we know our sweet childrens faces soon. To my girls right behind me (Kim and Nell Ann) may your referrals be close behind. And for the rest on the list may you fly up the list as quickly as we did. Here's to smooth sailing thru the process.


jody said...

Thanks Renee-we will just have to all hang in there together!! AT least we know, wherever our sweet ones are, God loves them more than we ever could and He has them right in the palm of His Almighty hand.

Dawn said...

Thanks Renee! I have the exact same feelings as you. I will be so sad if we don't hear anything in the next 7 days. I just want to see our child's face!

nell ann said...

Hey lady! I know it's tough having not heard before Christmas, but how exciting is it to know that you WILL be hearing something really soon! The time is coming!

Merry Christmas!