Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas with the Roberts Family part 1.

So Sean and I spent Christmas week with my family. It was an adventure and I have decided I don't know how I ever lived in New York was so cold the second day i was already freezing and ready to come home. Let me introduce the family and then we will take a look at the christmas gifts that our little man got.

The Roberts family includes My mom and dad aka Grandma and Grandpa, my oldest brother aka Uncle Frankie, My other brother and his family aka. Uncle Mike,Aunt Missy and the cousins Brandi and Derek. Part 2 of the christmas saga will also include their dog Zeus. Now on to the gifts. From Grandma and Grandpa lots of new clothes.

Our little man will be very well dressed.

Bottles, Bibs and a fun new toy.

The all important, lotion,powder, wipes,duckies, onesies..etc..

Now for the next gift its a tradition for the boys in our family to collect the hess trucks each year. My brothers always got them when they were younger and my brother Frankie started getting them for my nephew derek years ago..Now Baby Noah has his start to the Hess truck collection.
These gifts are also from Uncle Frankie because they were purchased with the Babies R Us gift card that he gave us. Our dog Honey wanted to be in the picture to.

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle Frankie for the great gifts. Coming soon part two of the Christmas in new york saga...who came to visit on Christmas eve??


nell ann said...

Hello there! I just know that January will bring good news to many families!!! Hang in there!

Dawn said...

Ooooo - fun stuff!! Our baby got gifts too! :) Hang in there - we're all in this together. Our time is coming soon...very soon!!

Brian and Autumn said...

Thanks for your prayers Renee. We can sure use them. My parent's first court date on 12/9 failed. Their next is not until 1/22. We are all just hoping Brian and I have travel dates to be preparing for to help speed the time by until Jan. 22nd. I can think of 10 families off the top of my head who have passed and are waiting for travel dates. That means lots of spaces for TONS of new babies really soon :)!! Noah will definitely be making his appearance soon!

jody said...

yay for fun baby stuff :) your little guy will be set up in cutie clothes!! Now, we just need a little face and body to picture in those clothes!! we did not get any baby gifts but I think it is because 1. we already have 3 kids we didn't need any "equipment" and since we don't have a referral yet, we don't know boy or girl so no one wanted to get any clothes. I am choosing to believe that is the reasons anyway and not b/c my family is a bunch of meanies :) 1 week left till AGCI re-opens-woohoo!

Dawn said...

I'll have to take some pics of all of them. Mostly just little toys and a couple blankets. I'm having a shower in 2 weeks though, so then we'll have LOTS of goodies! 6 more days...