Sunday, May 23, 2010

Almost 23 Months old.

Our "little" Noah Tamirat will be 23 months old in just 3 days. He's growing like a weed. In Feb we had to buy him new sneakers because he outgrew his old the time he was a size 7. Yesterday we had to go and buy him new ones and he's now a size 8. These are his new sneakers. A size 9 because its hard to find an 8 1/2 wide width sneaker that ties instead of Velcro.

Noah also decided he likes sunglasses so we bought him 2 pairs.

And he got some new "la la" Elmo shoes. Doesn't he just think he's the cutest.

Hanging out on his couch with his elephants and his monster truck.
Come on all the cool kids are rockin the shades and Elmo shoes with their pj's.
Noah is into everything he can get his hands on. His new favorite thing to do is jump which he has mastered in the last month. How quickly we are sneaking up on birthday # 2...The plans are all made just waiting on the big day.

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The Hull's at #4 said...

Renee! JUST LOOK AT HIM!!! I can't wait for he and Finny to meet, it might be ATOMIC!!!! I'm crazy with the graduation and TONS of company but I'll email you this week and we can make plans!!