Friday, March 26, 2010

21 Month old/11 months home

So we are sneaking up on the one year home mark. I still can't believe it I remember so well this time last year waiting for our approaching court date. Praying the we would pass along with the other families that had dates near ours. There was so much anxiety and hopefulness. Our hearts were still guarded that something could go wrong at the last minute and this child that we had been preparing for might not become our son. Noah Tamirat continues to grow and thrive. His 18th tooth is almost completely in and I can't wait until teething is over it tends to be his roughest time. We are so happy that spring is here and we are getting some nice days in between the rainy ones. Noah loves to be outside. Just last weekend we spent 3 1/2 hours at a park. Eating lunch, playing on the playground, chasing the ball and just walking. Little Mr. Independence loves to be allowed to walk even if it means holding hands.

At this point we are dealing with the typical toddler struggle of communication. Noah clearly has his own opinions and knows what he wants but he doesn't always have the words to express it. I'm waiting for that day when something explodes and all those words we know he has in his head start to come out. He knows the signs for please, more and milk so this helps a lot along with the words he does say. Some things are still a guessing game like when he comes to you and says please or more but you don't know what he's asking for. Other times its more clear when he brings his cup and says please because its empty and he wants more. This is a step up from when he would just bring the cup and drop it in your lap. He does need to learn that just saying please doesn't always mean you get what you want but we are happy he's on his way to having manners.


Dawn said...

i can't believe we are coming up on a year. CRAZY!!!

The Hull's at #4 said...

I will never forget that day you sent me your first picture of him! Beautiful Boy - A Year!!